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Realtors Stacey and Megan Valnes had their property originally appraised at $875,00. After spending $11,000, the property’s value went up to $1,025,000.

How did they do it? Explains Megan Valnes, “If you want to increase your home’s value, you should be able to do so significantly for $10,000 or less. Make it look pretty on the outside. Remember that old saying about first impressions? It applies to homes and properties as well. The outside of your property is the first thing potential buyers sees when stepping out of their car or walking by, so impress them with fabulous paint, meticulous pride-of-ownership, and beautiful landscaping!”

The National Property Before

Here are the Valnes’ best tips for increasing your home’s value through curb appeal:

1. Makeover Magic

Makeovers usually consist of an update and beautification of the outside of the building or home. For example: paint, landscape, change out hardware (garage door handles, light fixtures, window screens, etc.) and stage when needed. Decide on a case to case basis which makeovers to do, depending on the state of the property at hand. If a property is old, shabby, or it could be sold for more once improved, improve it. The National property screamed for help because it was very dated, needed painting, and it’s landscaping was an overgrown unattractive jungle of a mess. Creating great curb appeal is simple and shouldn’t cost too much money. Always have a budget in mind ($10,000 can usually get everything done).

2. Enhance Design

For the National property, the building was a big square block type, so in order to make it look more homey and appealing, we used warm colors (greens, olives, creams, and orange) in the paint and really popped it out with lots of colorful flowers in the landscaping. The design choices were inspired by more modern buildings with a contemporary feeling to them. In the end, the building looked like a very distant cousin of it’s old self and was truly beautiful.

3. Choose the Right Colours

Property styles change in fashion like clothes and one has to follow trends closely in order to stay in the game. The sellers really wanted something bold and outspoken, like blue and purple, and we had to get them to acknowledge that the general public doesn’t find blue and purple attractive on a building, and we should use more trendy colors. Stacey and I decided to compromise and give them their bold color by including a fabulous orange for the door colors.

After: Curb-ilicious Appeal

4. Hire a Pro

All the work, with the exception of the design, was professional. We have a man for every job. We contract out whatever needs to be done to our trusted group of people. Stacey and I are Realtors, not painters. Stacey and I choose paint colors, flowers, and communicate how the general look and feel of the building should be, and the professionals take it from there. Of course, a homeowner can tackle whatever they feel competent at and do it themselves, if they choose to (for example, if someone is an avid gardener and really wants to get into the landscaping job, by all means go for it). However, this can slow the process and end up being more expensive.

5. Find Inspiration for your next project

We learn something from every project. From the National property, we learned that an array of color in the flower landscaping can change the whole face and feel of the building. Many people stick with green plants because it’s easy, but color in the garden is spectacularly beautiful and most everyone appreciates it.

Stacey and Megan Valnes are from Sunset Park Realtors; follow them at @svalnes or check them out at: www.Sunsetparkrealtors.com.

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