Must-Have Home Décor & Design Features that Home Buyers Want in 2014: Part 2

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While you may love the shag carpet in your den or the lime green walls in your spare bedroom, some of these features may be a little outdated for the modern day home buyer.

To help you make a great impression on potential buyers and sell your home both faster and for more money, below we’ve put together some home décor tips on how you can add value to your bathroom and common living areas. If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen renovation recipe, make sure to check out part one of Must-Have Home Décor & Design Features that Home Buyers Want in 2014.

Bathroom renovation ideas that you can bank on

Updated bathrooms are another must. New home buyers are drawn to bathrooms with spa-like features; an oasis within the home. Major selling features include heated floors, walk-in showers, soaker tubs with jets and rainfall shower heads. If a complete renovation is out of the question, there are some budget-friendly ways to create an updated look and assure buyers that they won’t have to budget for renovations on top of their mortgage costs.

  • Refinish fixtures: Have your bathtub painted and reglazed – it’ll cost a lot less than buying a new one. The same can be done for sinks. Purchasing new shower heads or faucets can create a brand new look on older pieces.
  • Lighting: Update the light fixtures to add a more ambient feel. Also consider adding candle sconces on the wall as this can provide a spa-like glow and an elegant look throughout the room. New home buyers won’t want to wait to enjoy a candle-lit bubble bath. Use battery-operated LED pillar candles to avoid the fire hazard.
  • Storage: Storage space in the bathroom is a must. Consider a unique towel rack or creating a tiled cubby in the wall – this can be done with minimal work and will make all the difference to a potential home buyer. If you’re looking for something on trend for 2014, purchase an old vanity or armoire and refinish it to add an antique touch.

Other upgrades worth making around the house

While updated kitchens and bathrooms are at the top of almost everyone’s list, there are other rooms in the house that require small upgrades to meet new home buyers’ standards. One major trend that has taken off in recent years is open concept “great rooms” where the kitchen, dining and living areas are all wall-free. This will open up your space and create a nice flow throughout the home.

Buyers look at major selling features and upgrades as mortgage savings. They aren’t interested in buying a home and sinking a ton of money into it. A few hot items in home design that are becoming major selling features include:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Islands or breakfast bars
  • Dual master baths
  • Outdoor living areas with fireplaces
  • Stainless steel appliances

Putting on the finishing touches

Home décor and design have become a form of self-expression. Have you ever watched a home show where the staging wasn’t done in a perfectly executed, aesthetically-pleasing way? There’s a reason for that. Home buyers have a hard time envisioning the potential in an empty room. By showing them what they can do with a few pieces of furniture and décor items, the confusion begins to subside.

  • Bright décor: Pops of colour in an otherwise monochromatic space is a really popular trend right now and easy to implement with throw pillows, clocks and end tables. Even carefully selected colourful books placed on a shelf can offer that perfect hint of colour.
  • Old and new: Mixing classic, traditional finishes with modern, contemporary ones in an obvious way is another trend that is big in 2014. Suggestion: use antique products for décor in the kitchen and bathroom. Consider using old milk jugs as a statement piece in the kitchen or an antique grooming set in the bathroom.
  • Statement walls: Statement walls in punchy colours or patterns are a great way to add a creative element to any room. Wallpaper is making a full-fledged comeback. There are plenty of amazing patterns to choose from that can act as a theme or starting point for selecting other home design and décor elements.

Take a look at these simple and effective tips for staging your home and consider using a Zoocasa preferred agent to ensure that the right potential buyers – people who are looking for exactly what you’re offering – are coming in to view your home.

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