Knockout Listing of the Week: 505 Brookdale Avenue

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Today’s house is for the modern lover in all of us. For those of you who don’t like white, glass, or believing your house is actually a spaceship, this is not the house for you.

Essentially, this house is stunning. It is consistently bright because glass is used throughout, dividing rooms and acting as bannisters. There are so many crazy perks, I don’t even know where to start: fireplaces, pot lights, accent lights, six bathrooms, heated floors, custom home theatre! Built-in fish tank and giant showcasing wine rack and walk-in closet and, just, everything! This house isn’t missing a thing so if you’re in that price range, I definitely recommend checking this out. And then please install a hot tub in the backyard—there’s plenty of room; don’t worry, I checked!—and invite me over. Kthx!

505 Brookdale is definitely inspired by Mondrian Art. Even if you don't know what that is, to say it to visitors would make you sound pretty fancy.
As soon as you enter, you're welcomed with a giant fish tank. Buy a clown fish and you can live Finding Nemo every day!
The main living area has a giant, perfect fireplace. And I say "main" living area because there are, like, fifty living areas in this behemoth of a house.
Yes, that is an insane wine rack to kill all other wine racks. Showcase your pinots in so. much. style.
The kitchen is gorgeous. You, too, could pull of a lighting fixture reminiscent of Saturn!
Walking upstairs is like boarding a spaceship.
And there's crazy, futuristic mood lighting above the bed. Maybe this actually is a spaceship?
Do you love storage? Eat your heart out. (Well, not literally.)
There are six bathrooms in this home, four of which have stunning showers. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THIS THING WHAT THE
Oh, and there's a big ol' home theatre too. Like this house needs something ELSE to make me this jealous.
Overall, 505 Brookdale is a modern dream house. I MEAN IT HAS A FIREPLACE IN THE OFFICE. I can't even.

505 Brookdale Avenue | Toronto | $3,249,000 | Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

Houses like this don’t come up often, so if you have a modern design flare, this is for you.

Come back next week to see our next knockout listing!

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