Knockout Listing of the Week: 43 Hanna Ave #526

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Two knockouts in one week? Yes! Can you handle it? You bet! (Or even if you can’t, read on and pretend.)

The Toy Factory lofts are known in Toronto real estate as one of the premiere loft buildings in the city. Not only are the units gorgeous and unique, the building has some great amenities, from a car wash and a rooftop garden to a gym and an outdoor pool. You even have a Balzac’s Coffee downstairs; what more do you want?

The unit itself is two storeys, with 17-foot ceilings and 17-foot windows. And not only is the entire loft spacious—with a giant master bedroom overlooking a sprawling living area, both bathed in natural light—it has a custom-designed kitchen and bathroom by designer Marana. This means your exceptional loft will be even that much more exceptional!

The Toy Factory Lofts are a staple of *awesome* living in Liberty Village. (Toys not included.)
This is the view of the living room from above. Like. Come. ON.
The kitchen is custom-designed, with a flashy metallic backsplash. Your food will sparkle! (Sparkles not included.)
The bedroom is huge, with tons of natural light from your 17-foot windows. How will you ever sleep anywhere else again?
The bathroom is also custom-designed and has a shower room divide. It's like you're in Europe or something! (Europe not included.)
The second bedroom is well hidden, for secret slumber parties and pillow forts.
AND THEN YOU HAVE THIS AMAZING PRIVATE DECK. WHAT EVEN. HOW. I can't deal. (Ability to deal not included.)

43 Hanna Avenue #526 | Toronto | 1574 square feet | $959,000 | Carlos Moniz, Zoocasa

This is a beautiful place, so definitely check it out. Or if you’re feeling generous, you can buy it for me.

See you all next week!

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