Knockout Listing of the Week: 40 Westmoreland Avenue TH#10

Renovated. Church.

Those two words should make you very excited, since they are some of the most interesting, truly renovated spaces all over the country. And this one is no exception.

Located near Bloor and Ossington, you have easy access to the TTC, shops, and restaurants!


Two bedrooms (with customer furniture), exposed brick and wood, fireplace, heated floors, high vaulted ceilings, and over $100,000 in inclusions—much of which is custom-built for this space!


This 19th-century church near Bloor and Ossington will make you fall to your knees and pray.
The spaces are pew-free and are perfect for urban living.
And look, the listing agent has wine ready for you. PERFECT.
You have an entire wall that slides away so you can have a party that is truly a religious experience.
In every corner, you'll find character. Like these floor-to-ceiling little tiles in this bathroom. I LOVE THEM.
And this guy. Hey dude.
The price includes over $100,000 of inclusions, like these custom-made beds.
And then there's this bathroom, which is so unreal, I could die. Actually, I'm DEAD it's so great.
Like come. on. SRSLY. If you don't want it, because you're crazy, just buy it for me.
This is one of the most unique spaces we've seen, so check 'er out.

40 Westmoreland Avenye TH#10 | Toronto | $1,675,000 | Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd.

Take me to church. Right now.

And check back next week for another knockout listing.

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Jam is a content editor based in Toronto. He's been the editor of a community newspaper, a national magazine, and two startups. Although he lives in a tiny condo, he uses every corner, and is an avid cheerleader of the compact home movement. You can find him every day on Twitter @mcjamdonald.

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