Knockout Listing of the Week: 28 Byng Avenue #LPH8

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All right, North York. It’s your turn.

We know not all of you (or us) are interested in million-dollar homes. They’re pretty and fun, but not realistic for everyone—and that’s okay! There are plenty of condos, lofts, and houses that are in a more reasonable range that are still beautiful, and this is one of them.

Essentially, if you’re a young couple or a single person, this is for you. It’s enough space to call your own, with character in the flooring, walls, and the layout. It’s even on the subway line; what more do you want?

And I gotta give props to whoever did interior design for this unit. (I understand this has nothing to do with you buying it, but humour me for a minute.) The rustic woods paired with all the white and light and those bricks and I can’t deal. If you buy this unit, do all of this, kay?

28 Byng is like a classy spire, with its own stoplights and everything!
I mean, even your doorknob is classy.
The design of this space is spacious while compact. Basically an enigma.
The white painted brick runs along the main wall and adds to the rustic appeal.
I know I shouldn't be focusing on this, but that tiny clock... I want it.
More brick, more light, more dark flooring, more great decor choices.
Seriously, can these people/the person who staged this just decorate my place?
Second bedroom is perfect for a new addition! (Baby not required to buy this property.)
And a balcony to sit and view basically the entire city from your perch.

28 Byng Avenue #LPH8 | 800–899 square feet | $468,000 | Re/Max Platinum Limited

Check back next week for another knockout!

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