Knockout Listing of the Week: 14760 11th Concession Road

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All right, folks. We’ve had a ton of deals lately, from starter condos to cozy living, so let’s go completely off the deep end to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Right now, there are 36 listings on MLS that are over the massive $10 million mark, so I thought it only fitting to choose one of them and give it a look.

This one basically/literally a castle. If you’re living in one of those tiny 500-square-foot condos, this house is 44 times larger than that, and is sitting on over 100 acres of land. It has 41 rooms, including a massive closet, two dining areas, and a room just for a piano. As you can see from the dozen photos below, essentially every room has an ornate chandelier, so you live (or at least are lit like) royalty.

As impressive as the interior is, I think the exterior is even more outstanding. The lowest level has multiple archways, so you can wander around the grounds and pretend you’re in Game of Thrones. (Who wouldn’t want to do that?) There’s a pond with a fountain and countless walkouts and lookouts.

And if you think that’s all, you’d be missing the 38-stall stable, with endless fencing for joyrides and equestrian merriment.

This isn't your ordinary knockout. This manor is 22,000 square feet on over 100 acres of land. WHAT. EVEN.
I'm pretty sure this is just a movie set and I'm being bamboozled.
This gorgeous thing is the entranceway. What even is my life right now.
Your living room overlooks, well, the world. And has two tiers of windows.
The kitchen is perfect for cooking or just looking at and drooling.
This is one of two dining areas. Just dine for DAYS!
I don't know if I could fall asleep with so much ornate wonderment around me. WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I WOULD. LIKE A BABY.
This closet is the size of my condo. Literally.
Oh, and these beautiful wooden statement bureaus? Yeah, they're in the BATHROOM.
Want a jacuzzi with a view? WHY NOT.
The office is something out of Sherlock Holmes. So go solve some mysteries!
Oh, and don't forget your PIANO ROOM. ...PIANO. ROOM.
OH. And did I mention that this maison comes with an entire equestrian playground?
This little trotting man could be you! With your CASTLE in the background.
The stables have 38 stalls. Do you have 38 horses? Well then MOVE ON IN.
Even this horse is like "this is nuts."

14760 11th Conession Road | King, Ontario | 22,000 square feet | $15,988,000 | Marina Yusufov, Sutton Group–Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage

If you have $16M to spend on your next home, I’d make it this one. Also, if you have $16M to spend on your next home, you should take me to dinner. Or give me a horse and we’ll trot around your new trails. Or something else fancy.

See you all next week for another (likely less grandiose) knockout!

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