Just Listed: Fantastic Historic Mansion

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by David Ursino

Looking for a great fixer-upper with lots of potential?

Located on a large lot next to a cemetery, this is a handyman’s dream. Don’t let the state of disrepair fool you. This mansion is filled with history. Built in the 1800s, it was originally an elementary school. Shortly thereafter, the disappearance of the school mistress forced its closing. It was then purchased by wealthy philanthropist, Goul Ishkreeture, and turned into a psychiatric hospital. Admittedly, two people died in the hospital in what can be described as an unusual occurrence – but murder could never be proven. The hospital was closed and the mansion was abandoned though neighbours continue to say they see lights going on and off regularly and someone standing at the main window from time to time.

Although this mansion is currently vacant (well of people at least), a few coats of paints and some light cleaning should remove most of the blood from the walls.

Showings should ideally only be conducted in daylight hours. It is STRONGLY recommended to leave the grounds before nightfall.

Take a tour of the mansion (if you dare) …

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