Is a broker cheaper than a "sales" agent?

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“Is a broker cheaper than a “sales” agent?”

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“Nope. Under REBBA 2002, in a Real Estate transaction, the duties of a Broker and the duties of a Sales Representative are the same. As for cost, all renumeration is to be agreed upon by the seller and the agent. The differance between a Sales Representative and a Broker is actually quite simple: a Broker choses to take an additional two courses beyond the courses required to be a Sales Representative and this in turn will give/ allow them the title of Broker. The main differance between a Sales Representative and a Broker is that a Broker can be a Broker of Record and therefore run their own office and a Sales Representative can not.

So to simply answer your question – no – a Broker is no cheaper then any other Real Estate Professional; the fees are specific to that individual, not their title.”

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