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Whenever I’m on vacation in a different city – or country for that matter, I love checking out other peoples’ homes for inspiration. Home beautification can be considered a hobby as well as a great way to increase your property value. Often times we start from the inside but there are so many ways of enhancing your home’s curb appeal, which can range from simple upkeep to minor investments that also improves home comfort. Plus, beautifying from the outside can bring a sense a pride and pleasure every time you come home. Not to mention, when it comes time to sell, imagine the general appeal your home will have at each showing and open house.

Here are some projects you can think about to start increasing your home’s value:

Maintain your home

Depending on how old your home is, it may be time for you to look for signs of aging in the roof, siding, eaves trough, garage, windows and doors; do repairs where needed or replace if necessary.

New shingles, replacing a downspout or getting new, energy-efficient windows in a more current but conservative style can instantly spiff up your home.

Improve the front walkway; for example if there’s chipped and worn out wood or brick, replace with new stone-facing and overlays. It will look cleaner and its helpful if any uneven steps get fixed.

Give the outside a quick makeover with paint in a new colour scheme. For example, create an elegant and classic monochromatic look with a white exterior accented by a black door and window trim. Bright flowers alongside will pop.

Keeping windows clean, new paint on the trim, garage door or exterior door are easy ways to bring a freshening touch.

Get new fixtures, like door handles, knockers or replace an old mail box. Or at least make sure they are look polished and shining.

Show off your outdoor spaces

You may have heard that investing in elaborate landscaping isn’t the best when it comes to ROI. However, as long as your landscaping is on the level of other neighbourhood homes, and doesn’t require intensive upkeep, its worth looking into. In fact, it only takes a few simple touches to make your home look more attractive.

Think easy touches like entrance-way flanking planters with a bright display of flowers or simply maintain a well-groomed lawn.

Always keep it neat by trimming plants to avoid an over-grown look and pluck out unattractive weeds.

Planting a chair in a shaded spot (that doesn’t grow well), creates the sense of new a space within your property. Who doesn’t smile and picture themselves with a cool drink or a book when you see a Muskoka chair parked on the lawn?

Got a veranda that would love an older couch with some decorative pillows for sunny lazy Sundays? Giving a new identity to unused areas can add charm to your home and make it feel more inviting.

Declutter, declutter, declutter

As key as the physical location of your home is to its value, consider the design equivalent to be, yes – decluttering. And I’m not just talking about the dusty tchotkes or piles of magazines from the 90’s strewn about your home that you’ll get to throwing out one day.

There are lots of garage products out there to help transform your garage into a great storage facility. Hooks are simple to install and keep thing off the ground.

Keep hoses neatly stored, garage and recycling bins out of sight and toys and sports equipment off the lawn.

Create a mud room with a strategically placed reclaimed dresser, decorative storage boxes or installed wall shelving to keep your belongings accessible but neat.

Bonus: creating a clean, clear space is always cathartic – take that feng shui! There are many easy ways to keep your home a pleasant environment for yourself and loved ones, as well increase its value. So go ahead, envision your home as one that could easily be featured in a magazine spread and achieve the look with these easy DIY projects.

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