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by Erik Braunitzer of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, agents for Bronx Rentals

The two best investments homeowners can make to improve the value of their home are to renovate both the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are the most important selling features of any house. Most of these improvements are DIY projects that do not mandate hiring a professional or using expensive materials.

Glass Tiles
Many glass tiles are available on the market today. Many are handmade from recycled glass, making unique tiles that are almost impossible to reproduce with machines. Installing these tiles is only slightly different than ceramic tiles, with much of the same types of mastic and grout. The look is luxury without the price tag.

Some glass tiles are available with glitter or other pieces allowed to stay in the glass. The look is one of sheer brilliance. Any color combination is possible with recycled glass, even soda bottles. These make beautiful sea-green tiles unlike any machine made tiles today.

Use glass tiles as accent pieces, medallions, borders, backsplashes, tub surrounds and more. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Tin Ceilings
These have never gone out of style. Choose antique or vintage tiles for a look of opulence. Tin tiles cover drab or stained ceilings with ease. Installing them takes no more than a screws or special cement. The tiles can be painted or stained, or even treated with faux metals and glitter paints for effect. If one cannot afford vintage tiles, PVC tiles molded to resemble tin tiles provide the same looks for a fraction of the cost.

New Hardware
One of the simplest ways to rejuvenate a bathroom or kitchen is to change the hardware. New hinges, drawer and cabinet pulls, new slides are all part of the hardware. Vintage glass pulls bring new life to any cabinet, or perhaps a more modern look with metals. Handmade pulls, such as horn or specialty woods bring an exotic outdoor look into the home space. In many cases, kitchens look entirely different with just hardware changes and a can of paint, usually under $100.

Improved Flooring
From floor tiles to hardwood, improved flooring often makes a selling point or focal point for visitors. Floating floors are inexpensive and easy to install, while solid hardwood floors last forever but require the installation of an expert. Maintaining a hardwood floor is not difficult if stains and spills are cleaned up quickly, and pads placed on furniture feet are used to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Use hardwood floors even in the bathroom and throughout the house to maintain the flow of the décor. Rugs and carpets protect the floor while allowing the room to change looks with the seasons without removing the hardwood.

Sustainable woods, such as ipe, bamboo and teak are making their way to the top of the flooring world. Although costing more than traditional hardwoods, they are often more durable, and allow more design and color choices. Cork is another sustainable flooring option popular among homeowners today. These woods provide flooring for homeowners, and create jobs and industries in their countries of origins. Sustainable practices also protect the environment.

Spend the time to research the options for remodeling the kitchen and bathroom today. Many projects cost far less than the finished project looks suggest. No one has to tell their guests they did not spend a fortune.

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