How Much Should You Pay for a Home Inspection?

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by Pillar to Post

One size does not fit all when it comes to home inspection fees. As you will discover, inspection quotes vary greatly, depending on individual inspector’s criteria or methods. Some charge flat rates, while others charge according to space, estimated time, home selling price, or other factors.

Some home inspectors charge by square foot of living space or area under a roof. Some consider detached garages part of the main house and do not charge for them, but may calculate square footage into the overall size calculation; while others charge extra. Some inspectors charge mileage from their location to the site.

As a “general” rule, though, a $100 per hour rate applies. That fee will vary, and might or might not include optional items, such as swimming pools or septic systems.

As the age and size of homes vary, so can inspection times—ranging from up to two hours, to more than four for older, larger homes. Most inspectors will let you know the minimum amount they charge. You might find inspectors with web sites where you can submit information about the property and receive a quote by e-mail.

Beware of online home inspectors. You can find sites that claim inspection fees range from $175 to $300. But if a thorough inspection takes five to six hours, how accurate can an inspector be who handles three or more a day?

Besides the time invested, you can measure the value of a thorough report by its usefulness. If your inspection turns up minimal issues, you’ve bought peace of mind. If there are serious problems, your $500 could end up saving you thousands later. No matter how you look at it, the cost of a home inspection is a bargain when it’s done right.


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