High Design: When Cannabis Culture Meets Home Decor

By Lift & Co.

Nearly one year into recreational legalization in Canada, cannabis is being infused into everything — including home decor. For consumers who aren’t into the trippy, neon head shop aesthetic and want to be a bit more discreet (or mask the telltale smell), there are hundreds of stylish and sleek options for storing cannabis and cannabis accessories. And for those looking to add a little high design to their home, there are several ways to get creative with cannabis-themed decor. Here are a few ideas for storing and growing cannabis at home, plus ways to accessorize your space.

Smell-proof cannabis storage

If you want to upgrade from the basic plastic packaging dried flower is sold in, search some variation of “stash box” on Etsy: you’ll find 8,500+ crafty results, from lockable wooden boxes that look like cigar humidors to opaque containers (you can narrow down your search based on materials or colours) that can live on your bookshelf or coffee table without any visitors being the wiser. Toronto brand Hotbox also sells a smell-proof clutch that looks like a regular purse (and can function as one, too) and wouldn’t look out of place tossed on the couch alongside your coat and house keys. 

Whether you love or hate the distinct smell of cannabis (and whether or not you consume inside your apartment, condo or house), houseguests or neighbours might not. Instead of trying to mask the smell with more smells, try a candle like this one from Cannabolish, which is designed to neutralize both cannabis and tobacco odours.

Cannabis decor and design

If reading is knowledge and knowledge is power, coffee table books kill two birds with one stone: books like Bong AppétitHigher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, Stoner Coffee Table Book or Weed: Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask not only look cute in your living room or on your bedside table, but can also serve as conversation starters and run the gamut from entertaining to educational. 

If you’re more comfortable with putting your love for cannabis out there, there are a surprising number of aesthetically pleasing ways to embrace cannabis decor that don’t scream “university poster sale,” like this laser cut metal THC molecule or vintage-cool botanical prints that lend more medicinal vibes.

Cannabis grow boxes

In Canada, adults of legal age can grow up to four cannabis plants per household — except in Manitoba and Quebec, where home growing isn’t allowed. Some provinces require by law that cannabis plants be kept out of public view, so grow boxes are becoming a popular choice for discreet home cultivation. The Stealth Box, for example, comes with all the instructions, supplies and equipment needed to grow up to four plants. The box looks like a mini storage locker or coffee table, filters out smells, and has a childproof latch. And with a 20” x 20” x 36” footprint, it can easily fit in an apartment or condo.

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