From Home Businesses to Retail locations – Protect your future with business insurance

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by RBC Insurance

Business owners invest considerable time, energy, money and personal commitment into building a successful operation. Imagine then, the devastating consequences of a fire, lawsuit, property damage or other crises that could occur to almost any business owner.

Fortunately, most risks can be mitigated through a well-planned business insurance plan:

Every business faces its own unique set of risks. Today, the types of business insurance are as varied as the businesses operating in Canada. It makes good sense to include insurance, customized to your needs, in your overall business financial plan.

For home-based businesses where clients come to visit, there are limitations to the home’s property insurance policy for people who visit your home for professional reasons. Getting the right kind of property insurance for your business can help protect you and your family from potential lawsuits if an injury occurs on your property.

Family-owned businesses should have sufficient business insurance coverage so that family members don’t have to dip into their own savings or personal insurance policies. For example, key person insurance can protect family income from losses resulting from the death or disability of the owner or a key employee.

There are many types of business insurance that provide cost-effective coverage, but in order to get the right type of coverage for your business, consider taking a few moments to identify your business’ risks – what you learn can help you choose the best kind of business insurance for your situation.

This article was provided by RBC Insurance. At RBC Insurance, we can help you identify your risks and recommend a customized solution for your business. For more information, visit

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