Expect the Unexpected When Moving

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Your worldly possessions involve a lot of organization and if there’s one thing professional movers understand, it’s to expect the unexpected. In fact, that’s a major reason why many people choose to hand over the task of moving to companies that do this every day. Some do-it-yourself moves go well; others end up unnecessarily stressful because those completing the work don’t anticipate potential glitches. Checklists are great, but every single move is different – and nothing beats experience for transferring household and other goods quickly, safely and efficiently.

For example, if you move in the winter and it’s a snowy, slushy day, how do you protect the floors from water/salt damage at both ends? What about getting large items around hard-to-maneuver corners without marking walls? What if someone gets hurt? Do you know how to pack delicate items such as: lampshades and glassware to eliminate shifting and potential breakage during a long haul? What if the truck breaks down or gets into an accident halfway to your new home?

Professional movers have resources to draw upon to anticipate and/or handle any number of unexpected happenings. Training is a great preventative measure – when you shop for a mover, find out if and how the drivers and moving people are trained. Ask whether they have a “Plan B” in case of vehicle problems, and what you can do to be as prepared as possible when the packing/moving begins.

As tempting as a D-I-Y move may be, think through the consequences. Are you prepared to deal with the possibility of friends or family members not showing up on moving day due to illness or what if they hurt themselves trying to move heavy items? Do you have a backup plan for extra items in case you misjudge the size of the moving vehicle you need? What about plants? Hazardous liquids? Items such as: chainsaws and lawnmowers with gas or grease on them? Large items like ladders?

Of course, there are specialty items that require an unusual level of care such as: pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks, artwork, antiques and the like. The money you think you’ll save by not hiring a professional mover may end up being spent on repairs if these large and valuable pieces are not handled correctly. Worse yet, irreplaceable items may be lost forever. And have you thought through unpacking at the other end? On your first night there, you will need bedding, toiletries, towels and some kitchen items. Do you have a plan that includes being able to find all of those things easily and quickly?

There are many considerations when planning a move, so it may be wise to hire a professional. Or, if you plan to move yourself, make sure to have all of your bases covered. With the right preparation, you should be able to experience a smooth and uneventful move!

About the Contributor:

In Canada, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® began in July 2005 with the opening of our first branch in Hamilton. Today we are 15 strong and looking to expand to 20 in Ontario. Once Ontario is complete, our goal is to expand across Canada in major city centres.

All of the considerations mentioned in the above article are covered in the training that TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchisees take part in at what we call STICK MEN UNIVERSITY® (in honour of the company logo). Among the many things they learn is how to maneuver, wrap, pack and load items from big-screen televisions to china cabinets filled with breakables.

If you do decide to move yourself, on the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK website, we provide moving tips, a moving checklist and even special things to consider for extremely large items. Give some thought to what might happen along the way and make contingency plans. And be realistic – hiring a professional mover can offer tremendous peace-of-mind and is money well spent. Visit http://twomen.ca/ for more information.

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