Do you Clean before you Leave?

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by Kelley Skar

Are you selling your house? Do you clean it before you leave the house for work and likely for the day? No? You said you are selling your house right?

This is one of the most simple pieces of advice that I have ever given to my seller clients, and it works, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! Put yourself in the buyers shoes, should be easy, if you are selling you are likely buying as well. When you walk into a home to view it and the pictures you saw online make the house look beautiful, wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect that the house is going to be like you viewed online?

Unfortunately this is a major mistake that is made by most sellers when either getting ready for a showing, or leaving the house for the day. When you go to work, make sure the house looks like a “Show Home” before you leave. Don’t leave the toaster out, the dishes in the sink, the dirty laundry hanging off the end of the bed…straighten up and put your best foot forward. After all the old saying goes…” You only get one chance to make a first impression!” Most people will get turned off of your home if they are tripping over toys in the great room and having to kick a path through our clothes on the bedroom floor.

Pretty simple really, the least amount of $$ you will ever spend in getting your home ready to sell…is to simply clean before you leave.

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