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I Want My Home to Look Like That!

WOW! That is the greatest word that any builder would like to hear when you enter their Model Home. It is the “wow factor” that every designer who has the opportunity to decorate a model is working towards. The builder wants the prospective homeowner to see the home at its greatest potential and what better way to show off every aspect of their home, but to have it decorated, dressed to the nines, sizzling, sparkling, and shining.

As you enter you are impressed with the surroundings. The furniture, wall finishes, flooring, and accessories are all chosen with care to present a finished package so that you want to buy the home just as it sits. The depth of the colors and the warmth of the finishing, are all there to inspire. You can imagine living in this place and if you make your mind up that you really came to get the decorating ideas, you want to know how do I make my home look like this. You want the “wow factor” in your home too.

When given the opportunity to decorate a model home, we must take on a responsibility to present the house as a home. I believe that many prospective purchasers become a new home buyer, because they get to see the possibilities of that particular house and cannot see that same potential in their present home.

For many purchasers it is the originality of the things selected that they cannot see themselves ever coming up with and I have recreated many times the model homes that I have decorated. Not only for purchasers of that particular house, but to others in their existing home, some much smaller and some larger. It all comes down to the scale and proportion, color choices can be modified to suit and furnishings adjusted to be appropriate in the space. At times that can be a challenge, however not something that can’t be overcome.

The stages we go through when decorating a model home start very early in the building process. We are involved in the decisions of what will be presented in the new home. What are the options available and how many are reasonable to show in the one house? To many home buyers, it may be the only opportunity to see an option as it was intended. When making the choices, it is important that all the elements blend together well. Having a beautiful open staircase descending to an unfinished basement would certainly loose its effect. Always consider who the client is. Who would be interested in this house? The decorating all relates to the prospective purchaser and to the lifestyle envisioned.

Consider all the options available, from staircases to roman tubs to columns and fireplaces and select those that flatter the house and begin to choose the finishes that reflect well on the rest. The flooring, cabinets and counters blend with the fixtures. Sinks and faucets complement. Tiles and wall finishes come together in a display of beauty. Color and textures give balance and the furniture provides the finishing touches to the home of your dreams. The accents complete the look and voilà, you have “wow”.

So that all sounds simple, right? Well there probably are a few more steps to consider and lot more hard work to ensure one gets the desired result. It’s important to consult with the builder as to their image of the house, demographics, and as with any client, the budget. Builders are different and the resources available to them vary just as much, so the budget becomes extremely important. If a single model home is being built they have one attempt at enticing.

We all have different tastes thankfully, and what one person may find dramatic and elegant another finds it heavy and overdone. Just as we have choices in our clothing and cars, our homes are a reflection of who we are. Some are very modern and clinical while others traditional and cluttered. How to decide what to present in the model home? As mentioned, the builder usually has an image they want presented. It may represent the community, the natural surroundings or the name given the house. Themes with which to decorate are chosen to best reflect those things.

Once you have visited these homes and inspiration has hit, your greatest apprehension is how could I ever create that in my own home? The first option could be to purchase a new home, however should that not be an alternative, then take some of the ideas presented and introduce them into your home. There is always help available by calling the professional who decorated the home. We can impart information from the paint colors used; specialty finishes utilized to where furniture can be purchased and pull it all together for you. You should take note of the window treatments, the style and fabrics.

The lighting and accessories all complement the mood fashioned. Generally these elements can be introduced into your home quite simply. Having said that, you do need to consider that it is an entire package that has been put together to give the overall impression you have experienced.

Why does the model always look bigger than my house? Perhaps it is bigger than your house or they are using continuous flooring, tone on tone paint colors that graduate into spaces, and placed mirrors in unsuspecting places to guide the light. The placement, style and proportion of the furnishings interplay to complete the look. Do keep in mind, it is a fallacy to believe that you must replace all your existing furnishings to create a new environment for your present home. Unless you are experiencing a total change of lifestyle, rarely does everything have to go. You can make the best use of your things, add new things, and create the “wow factor” in your own home too.

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