Deal of the Week: 558A Scarlett Road

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We’re back, with another deal of the week!

This Zoocasa listing is a three-storey semi-detached home, perfect for families. (There’s already a blue kids’ room and a pink kids’ room, sooo.) It’s directly across from the Humber River and the Humber River Recreational Trail, so you have easy access to some beautiful nature—sometimes a rarity here in the city.

You’re looking at 3 bedrooms, 2+1 bathrooms, a garage, and more warm, cozy atmosphere than your little heart can handle!

558A Scarlett is a fairly classic semi. Exhibit A: It has a living room!
The home would be perfect for a family. Exhibit B: A table with chairs for more than one person!
Three bedrooms and three bedrooms means lots of space for sleeping and bathing. Go figure!
Exhibit C: This is a bathroom, so I wasn't lying before.
Exhibit D: Any home that is staged with NINJA FREAKING TURTLES is. the. best.
There's a cozy den, too. Maybe for watching NINJA FREAKING TURTLES? Or, you know, whatever.
An enclosed backyard and this intimate deck—how many more exhibits do you need?

558A Scarlett Road | Toronto | 1282 + 295 square feet | $619,000 | Zoocasa & Keller Williams

This one is reasonably priced and in a beautiful neighbourhood, so it won’t be there for long. Be sure to check it out AND check back to the blog next week for yet another listing!

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