Celebrity Homes of the Week: Marshall Mathers, Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos, Scottie Pippen

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Marshall Mathers

(5 bed, 5 bath, 6 acres, US$2 million)

SOLD: Can the real Slim Shady please stand up? Because this version of Eminem has just listed his home for half of what he originally paid – at a price of $2 million from the original $4.75 million. The five-bed, five-bath mansion is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, spread over six acres including a five-car garage, outdoor sports court (you can play tennis or basketball), and a pool with built-in seating. The property also contains a guardhouse and a guesthouse accompanied with a private pond and a “wild game room”. Shocking this mansion has depreciated in price by over half, but it seems Marshall Mathers didn’t make any improvements to the house as it is posted as ‘House is sold as-is’. Could this be the reason why?


Donald Trump

(5 bed, 3.5 bath, 2,000 sq. ft., US$725 p/night)

FOR RENT: Fancy living like a president? (No matter how un-president-like he may be.) The 45th POTUS has his childhood home in Queens, NY on Airbnb – just don’t tell the Russians! Trump only lived there for the first four years of his life…but I guess it’s ‘historic’ in some way for extreme Trump fans; we will just need to build a wall and get over that one. The five-bed, three-and-a-half-bathroom home has been filled with bunk beds and put up to be rented out instead of the usual preservation of U.S. presidential homes. One thing that makes this home differ from a Trump Hotel is – and this may seem a bit creepy – a giant cut out of Donald Trump in the living room. So instead of forking out over $1,000 a night at Trump Hotel, why not grab this ‘bargain’ of a small room for only $725! Just pick up the phone (CAREFUL: OBAMA MAY HAVE WIRETAPPED THEM) and book yourself a ‘presidential suite.’

Jeff Bezos

(4 bed, 6 bath, 0.5 acres, US$12.9 million)

BOUGHT: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, is treating himself with a second Beverly Hills home (right next to his first one) in an off-market deal (lthough this kind of buy isn’t available with Amazon Prime). The US$12.9-million home sit on half an acre and has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. Outdoors features a patio, swimming pool, motor court and two gated entrances. Jeff didn’t buy this house as a cheeky payday gift to himself, oh no, no, no! It’s so he can be in ‘incognito mode’ from any nosy neighbours.

Scottie Pippen

(5 bed, 10,500 sq. ft., US$2.795 million)

FOR SALE: Pippen took the rebound and is back for another chance to sell his home in Highland Park, Illinois for $2,795,00 ($300,000 less than in June 2016). The 10,500-square foot home includes a home theatre, wine cellar, infinity pool and an eight-car garage! The five-bedroom house also has an indoor half-basketball court, perfect for any NBA (or ex-NBA) star. It’d be perfect for any Bulls fan as the basketball court adorns Pippen’s number 33 jersey. One great selling feature is the high ceilings and the balcony overlooking the living room; it makes the already massive house look even more spacious!

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