Canadians’ obsession with real estate

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We knew that Canadians were obsessed with real estate, but we wanted to know just how much so we conducted a quick study.

We took our results and put them in this infographic for you! Here are the key findings:

  • Almost all Canadians aged 30 to 50 are interested in real estate, with over one in ten describing themselves as real estate obsessed.
  • One in four Canadians aged 30 to 50 are likely to search for real estate professionals online in the future.
  • A large majority are interested in an online service to search for real estate agents. An even higher proportion of those living in the GTA say the same.
  • According to Canadians aged 30 to 50, real estate obsessed people are most likely to browse online listings regularly, attend open houses even when they aren’t looking to buy a property, and drive around their neighbourhood looking at properties that are for sale.
  • Many Canadians aged 30 to 50 know someone (22%) who they would describe as real estate obsessed.
  • Over a quarter of all Canadians have attended an open house in the last year.


If you’re just as obsessed with real estate like we are, be sure to check out our infographics on Canadian real estate here.

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