Are you ready for the busiest weekend in real estate?

Easter weekend, which falls on April 22–25 this year, traditionally is one of the busiest weekends of the year in terms of real estate transactions. The following are five tips each for home sellers and home buyers to help navigate the heightened activity:

If you’re selling your home:
1. Take time to clear away winter’s refuse outside your home, sweeping front steps, raking up leaves and picking up litter that may be left behind from earlier snow banks.
2. Consider using the services of a professional home stager – well worth the investment of within the several hundred dollar range.
3. Be willing to accept an invitation to celebrate the holidays at someone else’s home. Cooking odours, guests and clutter are best left to others at this time.
4. Feel free to go away for the weekend, but don’t be out of reach. Your real estate agent could be calling with some good news.
5. Take the first offer seriously – it’s often the best. It’s tempting to see what else comes along, but remember, buyers are usually as motivated as sellers on this weekend.
If you’re buying a home:
1. Hire an agent. They often have the inside track and often know of listings that are coming up and not yet on the market.
2. Clear your calendar for Easter weekend and make yourself available to visit homes.
3. Before you head out to visit homes, review your priorities and make a list, itemizing the features you want most in your future home.
4. Take detailed notes, comparing features and location to your priorities.
5. Be ready to make an offer – other buyers are surely standing by.

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