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In another first for Real Estate consumers in Canada, we at Zoocasa.com launched Zoopraisal™ this past week. Zoopraisal™ is a tool that allows consumers to find what their house is worth.

With the launch of this service, Zoocasa.com continues to provide innovative and valuable tools to consumers who are looking to buy or sell real estate in Canada.

Based on feedback we have received from consumers, they love it! The values may not be exact, after all there’s so much that goes into pricing a property for sale: renovations, new roof, nearby amenities all factor into pricing a property. Like with any new technology, Zoopraisal™ will get better with time and customer feedback. In the meantime, Zoopraisal™ aims to give consumers a starting point to figure what are the neighbourhood averages for similar homes.

As for Realtors, Zoocasa has long been working with the agents and continues to drive significant traffic to web site owned by Brokerages, Agents and even recognized real estate boards and brands. I have been personally demo-ing this tool to a lot of Realtor friends and have got mixed feedback, more positive than lukewarm. These Realtors know that consumers “want” a tool like this. It has been available south of the border for over five years. These agents don’t think it’s going to hurt the real estate agents who are professionals and who are experts in their area. If anything, Zoopraisal™ may lead the consumer to contact a licensed Realtor to get more accurate sale price. By providing this consumer friendly tool, Zoocasa aims to drive more consumer traffic to it’s web site and expects to direct them to professional and licensed Realtors across the country. These would be agents who have chosen to advertise on Zoocasa, recognizing the ever-growing importance of the Internet.

As Director of Product Development at Zoocasa, I’d love to hear your comments for this innovative tool. So please feel free to post a comment here or email me at [email protected]

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