Zoocasa asks "Are we going to try to love each other?"

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In 1975 Donna Summer told the world in the very first smash Disco hit “I would love to love ya baby”

Love and Relationships are a funny thing. When two people enter a relationship there is usually some feeling each other out (I said out!) so they can determine if they are right for each other and if there is a future for them to grow old together.

Sometimes people go into relationships knowing it is going to be a short term thing but even then, they do so with a full understanding of what their goals are and what they hope will come from the situation.

I think a lot about relationships and how people want to, and deserve, to be treated. I think how you (or your company) treat people says everything about you and what kind of person you are. Personally, I go out if my way to make sure people are happy and looked after because my goal for any relationship, short or long, is to make sure everyone leaves with a positive experience.

This isn’t only my belief but also what we are building Zoocasa around.

Ya see, Zoocasa is at the most fun stage that any company can be in…at the beginning. We can take the product in any number if directions and we have more amazing ideas than we could ever find the hours in the day to create. So to figure out what we should do first we asked you.

Ok maybe not you specifically but people like you. We invited 5 very different folks from Toronto to come in to the ZooHQ and play with our site. They told us what they liked and didn’t like and most importantly what they think we need in the future.

We got lucky because our group were amazing and more helpful than I could ever put into words here.

We are building our relationships with our users and and know we are in the pre-love stage. Probably the best way to describe where we are in the dating life cycle is that we have met for lunch a few times, once at a vegetarian place that you chose, but we haven’t gone to a movie or held hands or kissed ect. We are talking on the phone more and keeping each other entertained by texting back and forth while the Bachlorette is on the television and we pretty much enjoy each others company a great deal. Our relationship is growing and we know that by being honest and respectful in our first dates and most importantly listening to you all, the people who care about us will help as we are building a community and a superior product.

I love to be in love and hope love comes soon because with love comes fireworks and with fireworks comes amazement.

Zoocasa delivers amazement now and will only get more firecrackery in the future so if you would like to take part in our next Zoocasa Love Building Lunch drop us a line and we will fill you in on the details.

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