Why Properties Don’t Sell

by Carla Woolnough

Selling your home in today’s market has become a challenge because buyers usually have more properties to choose from and can take their time to find the perfect home. Buyers and sellers today are generally not in the same generation and as a result this creates a gap between what buyers are looking for and what the homes for sale are offering. Today’s buyers are savvy and they know what they want, and are willing to pay more to get a home that has been updated and well maintained.

Did you know that your home has to be sold 3 times? First, you need to entice buyers with professional quality online photos that showoff your home’s best features. Next, you must be prepared for buyers to do a drive by. If your curb appeal doesn’t standout, they may not make an appointment to view the inside. And finally you need to get buyers to fall in love with your home as soon as they step through the front door. Buyers will make a judgment within seconds of viewing a home as to how the rest of it will show, so make sure to grab their attention from start to finish.

Condition, price and location are the 3 major elements that affect a sale. Even before a buyer sees a property, 78% of his or her decision has already been made based on size and location. When it comes to the condition of your home you need to take into account who your target buyers are and what they are looking for. Your list price needs to be appropriate for the area, property size and condition. This is your agent’s area of expertise. When you have all of the elements put together…the right price and great condition, your property will show beautifully and will sell quickly and for the highest possible price.

Make sure you are buyer approved before you list.

About the Author:

Carla Woolnough is Your Personal Home Staging Coach. As founder and owner of professional home staging company Nex-Step Design, www.nex-stepdesign.com, she has staged hundreds of homes for resale, maximizing potential selling prices and minimizing on-market listing times for her clients.

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