Staging A Calgary Mansion to Sell

A one of a kind home in Calgary gets a spectacular makeover with a design collaboration by Room4Refinement and A Man’s Home. This beautiful home needed a face-lift prior to listing it for sale. With a short time line of eight weeks, Cat Hackman owner of Room4refinement and Michelle Lavoie owner of A Man’s Home, emptied the 13,000 square foot mansion and transformed it into a sophisticated and welcoming family home. The challenge was to find furniture and accessories that could be bought or rented off the store floor. With the help of key retailers in Calgary, Cat and Michelle were able to finish this incredible staging project on time and on budget. And, the best part: this stunning home is now ready to be inhabited in grand style.

Before: This architecturally gorgeous living room with its panoramic window needed updated furniture, accessories, and an area rug to anchor the sitting area.

After: The outdoors are brought in with a nature-inspired area rug (House of Persian Rugs). The inviting and sophisticated sitting area allows for a great view of the massive fireplace and the poplar forest outside. Textural sofa and chairs with classic lines are complemented by an earthy limestone and iron coffee table.

Before: A family room only in name, this room was never used and was completely taken up by a variety of games that no one played.

After: This large room now has two distinct sitting areas: one to enjoy the majestic fireplace; the other to watch a movie together as a family (a TV can be hung in place of the zebra print) or lounge around admiring the beauty of the grounds outside. Nature was brought in by using earth elements in the decor and furniture.


Before: Bedroom

This small bedroom was overwhelmed by a large king size bed and it lacked warmth.


After: Bedroom

The king was replaced by a double bed with an upholstered headboard which is now beautifully framed by the picture window. Soft linens and two bedside tables with matching lamps create a warm and welcoming guest bedroom that does double duty. In the small nook, a stylish reading chair with a floor lamp that serves as a side table, invite the visitor to some quiet time.


Before: Child’s room desk

Whose child would sit down here and do homework?


After: Child’s room desk

Good lighting, a large bulletin board (custom made by Room4refinement), and a comfy chair will invite any child to do homework.


Before: Guest room

This unfinished guestroom lacked the charm to match the lovely garden view.

After: Guest room

A smaller scale bed with good reading lamps and warm bedding entice a happy guest to lounge in bed reading a great book while taking in the great garden vista. Note that the new bed is lower in profile to enhance the view out the window.




Before: Master Bathroom

This great sized bathroom feels cavernous without much needed warmth and sophistication.

After: Master Bathroom


Beautiful accessories, artwork, plush linens and a chair transforms this gorgeous bathroom.

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