Over US$120 Million in Real Estate On the Line in Jolie-Pitt Divorce

The gossip news cycle is alight, as Brangelina fans mourn the impending divorce of their favourite celebrity couple. Real estate buffs, however, can’t help but wonder – what will become of the pair’s colossal trove of real estate gems as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt untie the knot?

The two actors, who married in 2014 after eight years of co-habitation, preside over a rumoured US$400 million in assets – a good chunk of which is tied up in an envy-inducing home collection that spans continents. Just how much real estate is at stake in what could become an acrimonious battle between the stars? Zoocasa has compiled the former couple’s real estate assets – and found a cool US$120,530,103 could be on the line in the Jolie-Pitt divorce.

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What’s Mine is No Longer Yours

The sale and divvying up of the family home can be one of the most emotional and complicated aspects of any divorce – now multiply that by multi-millions! Jolie and Pitt have purchased, leased and rented a number of the world’s most exclusive properties over the years, as they’ve travelled, filmed and vacationed with their brood of six.

Complicating matters further, however, is the location of the superstars’ primary residence and site of divorce filing. California is one of nine states that observe community property law in a divorce, meaning any property accumulated during the marriage must be equally divided. Property purchased prior to a marriage, gifts or trusts bestowed upon one spouse, or properties purchased with separate funds acquired when single aren’t up for equitable division, unless stated by prenuptial agreement. (Hence why Pitt’s $8.41-million Malibu bachelor pad isn’t on the line here.) The state also does not recognize the legal claims of common law marriages, which account for eight of the Jolie-Pitts’ 10 years together.

However, there are reports that Jolie’s name is on the titles of each residence the couple shared together. Assuming this is accurate, and that there is no prenuptial agreement at work, here are the assets the two must divide and conquer.

The Los Feliz Home Compound, USA

(4 houses totalling an estimated US$9,886,103)

Photo credit: Juliano-Jack RS

This massive collection of adjoining houses is reportedly home base for the Jolie-Pitt family when residing in Los Angeles. The original home purchased, a Craftsman-style 5,338-square foot mansion, is one of Pitt’s first real estate investments, having picked it up from entertainer Elvira for $1.7 million (roughly the average price of a house in Toronto) in 1994. Now valued at over $5.6 million, the house is joined by additional home purchases the couple made together over the following years to accommodate their growing numbers.

Chateau Miraval, France

(US$60 million)


Photo credit: Hookedonhomes.net

Brangelina made headlines throughout the sleepy hills of Provence when they entered a lease-to-own agreement for the historic Chateau Miraval and accompanying vineyard in 2008. They then purchased the 35-room estate for US$60 million in 2012, prior to the birth of their twins. The home has a musical past; it was previously owned by jazz pianist Jacques Loussier, and has hosted the likes of Sting, Pink Floyd and the Cranberries for recording sessions. It was also the site of Jolie and Pitt’s wedding in 2014.

The French Quarter Mansion, USA

(US$5.65 million)


Photo credit: Forbes.com

Pitt’s self-confessed soft spot for New Orleans led the couple to purchase this 1830’s-era home for $3.5 million in 2007, after contributing to efforts to rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina. After residing in there while Pitt filmed The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the couple then placed historic home on the market for $6.5 million in 2015, and then lowered to $5.65 million. It remains on the market today.

Villa Costanza, Italy

(US$40 million)


Photo credit: Vogue.com

Nestled within the hills of Valpocella, Italy, the couple picked this palatial 18,000-square foot residence following Jolie’s filming of The Tourist in 2010. Intended as a vacation home, the residence features 15 bedrooms and seven baths, a vineyard, stables and a movie theatre.

The Santa Barbara Getaway, USA

(US$5 million)


Photo Credit: Jeff Raynor / Coleman Raynor

This 11-acre beach front ranch home was acquired by the Jolie-Pitts for $5 million, as a vacation home for the family to use this side of the ocean. Perched next to Gaviota State Park, it was threatened by a 21,000-gallon oil spill in 2012, but remains in tact – and a potential asset up for grabs.

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