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Calling all prospective home buyers and real estate professionals, the new Zoocasa has been launched! Amidst much revelry and pride, our talented designers and programmers launched the new Zoocasa and it’s awesome! It’s a comely site for sure but it’s packed full of really great and useful features.

Not only are listings fast and easy to search, but an improved map function gives you more comprehensive info on what is available in the area you are interested in plus other nearby options. And of course, Zoocasa has never been about just a listings database — there’s also tons of neat features well beyond the closest schools and local neighborhood details. You can find the demographics of each area of interest, still check out Google Street View, plus get a walkscore with lots of to and from stats, and take a gander at local Flickr galleries. There’s more of course for you to suss out so have a look and yes, stay tuned for further innovative tools in development for the site.

So why not create a profile today? Regular users and agents can create profiles and set up handy functions like email alerts for listings you might be interested in and agents can still upload their own listings.

It’s a fantastic home search site with all the information you need to find your dream home in your ideal neighborhood. It will make your planning more informed and help with key decision making for that oh so important life step – owning a home! Don’t just take my word for it of course. Please peruse at your leisure. I think you’ll find it as fun and informative to use as all of us here at Zoocasa.

Susan Hu
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