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by Heather Rovet

It seems that unless you are buying a pent house suite, most condos are moderate in size and that gives the term down-sizing a whole new meaning. Don’t fret and certainly don’t think you are buying a shoe-box! There are a few things to keep in mind that can make small spaces seem bigger and use the space to it’s maximum.

Ceiling Height. The higher the ceilings the loftier the space will feel. 8 feet feels like a cave, but once you start clearing 9 feet it adds to the flow and airiness. My own mother downsized from a Victorian home to a modest size condo. She has 11-foot ceilings, which makes the space seem bigger then it really is. A lot of the new condo’s boast exposed concrete ceilings which add a very modern urban look.

Kitchen islands and u-shaped kitchens. Islands not only provide storage but extra seating as well. U-shaped kitchens have even more nooks and crannies. Both allow for best use of space.

Optimal Wall Space. Think flat screen wall mounted TV, art work, and integrated storage/wall units. Mirrors also give a feeling a more space.

Let in the Light. Any room will look larger if well-lit, either by natural light or artificial light. Do not use heavy drapes and open up the windows to let the light in from outdoors. Lamps add for functionality and design as well.

Small space – small furniture. There are stores that specialize in condo furniture. Nothing too big or boxy. Simple, clean lines work best.

Colour. Avoid harsh contrasting colours. A monochromatic colour scheme that carries throughout the room into fabrics and accessories is best. Try to steer clear from too many patterned items. The goal is to blue perspective.

Remember, small is beautiful and less to keep tidy and clean! Win win all around.

About the Contributor

Before Heather Rovet started matching people with the right home, she spent many years putting people in the right clothes as a wardrobe stylist for the television and film industry. Both are very much the same to Heather – it’s about listening to functional needs and understanding a person’s vision – and she brings those two key elements together to find the right solution. With a love for the unity of beauty and order within a space, Heather feels that our homes are the place in which this can be reflected and defined.

Coupled with a passionate and keen eye for style and design, Heather sees the potential in the reality and helps clients to really envision their dream space. Whether it is a starter property, an upgrade, an income property or one’s own private sanctuary, Heather works with her clients every step of the way to put them in the home that is right for them.

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