Knockout Listing of the Week: 92 Mason Boulevard

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Okay, I say this often and I mean it often and I mean it again this time: I am obsessed with this house.

92 Mason was sold over two years ago and was a modest, outdated home in the Cricket Club area. Fast-forward to today and it’s been demolished and rebuilt into a standout. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, high ceilings, 2 garages, an insane amount of hardwood flooring, and a giant closet that is the size of my condo. (That might be too much information.)

This is a serious out-of-a-family-film dream home, so check it out. Then invite me over for a fancy dinner party.

This is the gorgeous new home standing at 92 Mason Boulevard.
The ceilings are high enough to get a small giraffe, so probably get a small giraffe.
The front sitting area is something out of my wildest real estate-y dreams, so.
When you buy this home, be sure to have lots of fancy dinner parties. SUPER FANCY. (Mandatory.)
The kitchen is big, beautiful, with a separate door to serve food at your SUPER FANCY DINNER PARTIES.
The living room has a view of your backyard, so you can watch nature AND television at the same time! Turn on nature TV and it's like DOUBLE NATURE. Win-win!
Although the house has six bathrooms, this one's my favourite. YES I HAVE A FAVOURITE BATHROOM IN THIS HOUSE SUE ME.
The master bedroom leads out onto a balcony. The only thing I ask is that you make your bed.
The rec room is gigantic, so don't just hide in that little tent.

92 Mason Boulevard | $3,295,000 | Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage

Come back next week for another knockout listing!

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