Knockout Listing of the Week: 28 Divinity Circle

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Brampton? BRAMPTON?

Yes, due to popular demand, we’re finally showcasing a house in Brampton!

I wanted to choose a home that looks great and is affordable, so I’m glad I found 28 Divinity Circle. The house is less than five years old and has three bedrooms, four washrooms, and a ton of potential. This is a beautiful family home in a new neighbourhood, with stained oak staircases, two master bedrooms, granite countertops, and a double door entrance—for those days when you feel extra fancy.

On a blustery winter day, a cute detached home hit the market. And thank goodness the doors and garage are painted wintery colours for the occasion!
When you enter, you're greeted with stained oak staircases. STAINED. OAK. PEOPLE.
The living area is bright and warm. Aw.
The kitchen is gorgeous, so there's that.
The dining area is perfect on a winter's day for hot chocolate, warm oatmeal, steaming cups of soup... well now I'm hungry.
There are TWO master bedrooms. Who's the master? No one knows.
With four bathrooms, the entire family can go at once! Talk about teamwork!
And then there's a room with a giant bear! (Giant bear not included.) (Please send editor giant bear.)

28 Divinity Circle | Brampton | $609,000 | Save Max Real Estate Inc.

This won’t be on the market for long. If you scoop it up, make sure to feel extra, extra fancy.

If you want us to highlight a certain neighbourhood, let us know in the comments! And check back next week for another thrilling episode of Knockout Listings!

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