Knockout Listing of the Week: 1029 King Street West #819

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I think it’s time we showcase another great home that’s not just for people who have chauffeurs. I love looking at those big, beautiful houses, but I can’t afford them, so why not look at something pretty AND accessible?

This loft is tall and open, with an overlooking bedroom and office. Tons of light, dark laminate floors, big beautiful balcony, two washrooms, large open rooms—and I could go on.

So I will! It’s been completely renovated since it was last purchased in 2008, to include caesarstone counters, stainless steel appliances, and subway tile in the bathroom.

1029 King is close to everything—including this streetcar!
It has high ceilings, exposed walls, and dark floors.
There's a lot of natural light and—wait a minute. IS THAT A KITTY.
SEE, HE'S RIGHT... Well where'd he go.
I wonder if that kitty comes with the place. Talk about a perk!
He's probably behind that curtain. SILLY KITTIES.
Well, regardless, you and your potential kitty would both be very happy here. (He's totally under that bed.)

1029 King Street West #819 | Toronto | 800–899 square feet | Bart Gojski, Re/Max

If you’re feeling generous, a certain editor would live the heck out of this place. Just sayin’.

Check back next week for yet another astonishing instalment of… TALES. OF. INTEREST. I mean… KNOCKOUT LISTINGS!

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