How much time has to elapse before it shows on the MLS as a new listing again?

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I have a question. We took our house off the market recently, however, we’d like to put it back on the market but we want it to show as a ‘New’ listing on the MLS. How much time has to elapse before it shows on the MLS as a new listing again? Thanks so much for any help.

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“When the listing is uploaded to the Real Estate Board, it appears immediately as a new listing on the Board. I`m speaking of the Toronto Real Estate Board, but I know it varies from Board to Board and it could take 24 hours in some cases. However, it will take 24-48 hours before it appears on the public website, and other public websites as the listing information has to be extrapolated from TREB and the public website usually is not current.

Real Estate agents will still have access to your previous listing, so will know it was listed before. Ensure your previous listing has expired or has been terminated before you list again. Most Boards have systems in place that will not accept a duplicate listing if it is still active.

When you list your home again, I would recommend a new set of photos, both exterior and interior, especially if you have implemented some cosmetic changes to enhance it!”

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