Picking a real estate agent is like flipping a coin for most Albertans

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Survey reveals only half of Albertan home buyers & sellers are confident they chose the right agent

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a seasoned seller, you’ve likely overheard chatter about the booming housing market in Western Canada. Zoocasa surveyed Albertans who had purchased or sold a property within the past four years. Our goal was to observe Albertans in their natural real estate habitat… alright, well technically it was to learn a) how Canadian consumers are currently finding and selecting their realtors and b) how satisfied they are—or aren’t—with their choices. It turns out that most Albertans choose agents with little more effort than it takes to flip a coin. And more than half said they were not very confident in their decision. In fact:

  • 84% said they look to an agent to help make the buying/selling process easier for them
  • Most home buyers and sellers in Alberta work with the first agent they find
  • More than 50% said they’d be interested in using an online website to help find and choose the right agent next time around

Zoocasa expands to help Albertans find the right agent

Now with a clear understanding of the real estate rituals of Albertan home buyers and sellers, Zoocasa has officially extended its unique, personalized services into the Calgary and Edmonton markets. “The Alberta real estate market is red hot and buyers and sellers need every competitive advantage available to them,” says Darryl Mitchell, Group Head of Real Estate Business for Zoocasa. “Our goal is to make buying or selling a home easy. A big part of the experience means matching consumers with top agents that know the market and have the qualifications needed.” Zoocasa has now partnered with even more of the finest real estate agents in Western Canada. Increase your chances of real estate success—let our associates match you with an agent who suits your individual needs. Plus, when you close the sale or purchase of a home with a Zoocasa preferred agent, you’ll receive a Zoocasa rebate! Welcome, Alberta—we’re here to make your real estate transaction easy.

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