The Essentials of Packing a Portable Storage Container for Moving or Storage Original Moving

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by Units Storage

When moving, many things need to be considered. Having a plan is the first step. Being organized can help take the stress out of your moving experience. Below is a list of tips for how best to pack a portable storage container both safely and efficiently:

  • Pack old towels and blankets between boxes to minimize the shifting of boxes inside the storage container.
  • Do not over pack boxes; bulging box sides can damage surrounding boxes.
  • Place liquid containers in plastic bags to reduce the chance of leaking.
  • Number each box. Create a list for each box and its contents.
  • Keep all items from each room together. Sorting of contents will be easier and save you time.
  • Purchase more boxes then what you think you’ll use; you never can have enough and many companies will buy back unused supplies.
  • Reinforce boxes with at least one strip of heavy-duty packing tape on both the bottom and top of each box.
  • Wrap all items with paper to reduce scratching.
  • Position heavy items in the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.
  • Utilize over-sized boxes for lampshades, delicate cushions, bedding and pillows.
  • Leave clothes in dresser drawers, and use wardrobe boxes.
  • Wrap framed pictures and artwork in bubble wrap for added security.
  • Remove light bulbs from lamps before packing.
  • Utilize straps to secure large items such as couches, refrigerators, dresser drawers, and entertainment stands.
  • Place large or heavy items in the back or sides of the container.
  • Leave enough space inside the container for a hand truck; it makes life much easier when you’re ready to unload.
  • Make sure your storage pod is secure by placing a strong padlock on the container.
  • Place packed boxes in order so unloading will take less time and you’ll have the essential items up front.
  • Never pack or store any items that could cause a fire or damage to the container (e.g. gasoline, chemicals or heavy machinery).
  • Consider storing your valuable belongings in a temperature-controlled (A/C & heat) warehouse to ensure the safety of your antiques, photos, candles, etc.

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