Vancouver Real Estate

Is foreign investment an issue in Canada?

Foreign Investment in Canadian Real Estate: How Bad Is It?

Foreign investors are frequently painted as villains in real estate news, blamed for snapping up badly-needed homes and leaving them… Read More »

Vancouver real estate is starting to slow.

Vancouver Real Estate Sales Drop 26%

Vancouver real estate‘s stratospheric price climb appears to have stalled, according to the most recent data. August numbers released by the… Read More »

Month End December 2014 Homes Sold in Vancouver

Month End November 2014 Homes Sold in Vancouver

Typically a quiet time of year for real estate, residential homes sold in Vancouver reached 2,516, a 17.7% decline compared to the… Read More »

Month End October 2014 Homes Sold in Vancouver

Vancouver residential property sales were up an impressive 14.9% versus October 2013 – 16.6% above the 10-year sales average for… Read More »