Housing Trends Report 2018

This year’s Housing Trends Report is comprised of two parts:

  1. Aspirations & Obstacles: Delves into home ownership aspirations, top obstacles for purchasing and impact of rising interest rates.
  2. Hot Issues: Explores Canadian sentiments towards recent issues, such as the impact of marijuana legalization, foreign buyer taxes and the new mortgage stress test.

The findings are based on a survey conducted in March 2018 of 1,431 respondents who live in Canada. The estimated margin of error is +/- 2.6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Press contact: Jannine Rane | 647.987.4457 | [email protected]

1. Housing Trends Report 2018: Aspirations & Obstacles

Homeownership remains a coveted goal for many Canadians. However, achieving this perceived life milestone remains as challenging as ever in 2018, as increasing home prices and a rising interest rate environment presents obstacles to ownership.


  • 84% of Millennials feel that owning a home is an important life milestone
  • 30% of respondents think that buying a home is more stressful than saving for retirement
  • 38% of first-time home buyers currently renting have under $5,000 saved for a down payment
  • 42% of aspiring buyers cited rising real estate prices as the top obstacle for purchasing a property, down from 54% in 2017
  • 56% of those who purchased a home within the last 12 months said rising interest rates had no impact on their timeline

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2. Housing Trends Report 2018: Hot Issues

From marijuana legalization to short-term rentals and the new mortgage stress test, this report provides insights into the outlook of Canadians towards recent policy changes.


  • 47% of respondents say even a legal amount of marijuana grown in a home would reduce their desire to buy the property
  • Only 5% of BC and 16% of ON respondents believe foreign buyer taxes have improved home affordability
  • 40% of aspiring homeowners say the new mortgage stress test (B-20) have no impact on their purchase intentions
  • 56% of Ontario tenants feel the new rent caps have improved rental affordability
  • 36% of Canadians support having a short-term rental tax

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Press contact: Jannine Rane | 647.987.4457 | [email protected]

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