Best Streets in Clarington

streets Avg. List Price
Average list price for January 2018
YOY Price Change (%)
Year over year price change is the increase in average list price from January 2017 to January 2018
Active Listings
0 Concession Rd 7 $380,000 2
10 Kenneth Cole Dr
100 Kenneth Cole Dr
114 Edwin Carr Street
13 The Bridle Path
146 Elmer Adams Drive
172 Allworth
18 Richard Davies Cres
2 Hwy
2 Nd St
2185 Regional Rd 42 Road
22 Erskine Dr
2906 Highway 2 Rd
3 Rd St
31 Gusul Ave
4 Th Ave
4382 Green Road $2,250,000
6 Th Concession Rd
80 Mcbride Avenue
8335 Highway 115 Hwy N
9 Th Concession Rd
Abbeywood Cres
Abbeywood Crescent
Abernethy Cres $399,900
Abernethy Crescent
Albert St
Aldcroft Cres
Aldcroft Crescent
Alderbrook Dr
Alexander Blvd
Alfred Shrubb Lane $600,000
Alfred Shrubb Ln
Algonquin Trail
Alldread Cres
Alldread Crescent
Alldred Cres
Allison St $549,900 1
Allworth Cres $594,900
Allworth Crescent
Alonna St $364,900
Amos St $699,900
Andrew Crt
Andrew St $439,500
Andrew Street
Andrews Rd
Ann St
Annisson Crt $349,900
Apple Blossom Blvd $599,000
Apple Blossom Blvd W $589,000
Apple Blossom Boulevard
Argent St $589,450 2
Argent Street
Argyle St
Arran Crt $529,900
Arran Ct
Arthur St $549,999
Arthur Trewin Rd
Arthur Trewin St $589,900
Ashdale Cres $499,900
Ashdale Crescent
Aspen Springs Blvd
Aspen Springs Dr $338,143 6
Aspen Springs Dr 205
Aspen Springs Dr N
Aspen Springs Drive
Auburn Crt
Auburn Lane $1,087,800
Auburn Ln
Audrey Crt
Audrey Ct
Autumn Harvest Rd $425,000
Avi Crt
Avondale Dr $650,000 1
Aylesworth Ave $569,900
Bagnell Cr
Bagnell Cres $534,900
Baldwin St
Bannister Dr
Bannister St $499,900
Barchard St $769,900 1
Barker Crt $599,000 1
Barker Ct
Barley Mill Cres $649,990
Barley Mill Crescent
Barlow Crt
Barlow Ct
Barrington Pl
Barrington Place
Barron Crt
Barron Ct
Baseline Rd
Baseline Rd E
Baseline Rd W
Bates Crt $389,900
Bates Ct
Bathgate Cres $584,900
Bathgate Crescent
Baxter St
Baxter St E
Baxter Street
Beach Rd E
Beach Rd W
Beacham Cres $478,900
Beacham Crescent
Beaver St N
Beaver St S
Beckett Cres
Beckett Crescent
Beech Ave $635,000
Beechnut Cres $529,000
Beechnut Crescent
Belleview Crt
Belleview Ct
Bellman Crt
Bellman Ct
Belsey Lane $729,900 1
Belsey Ln
Bennett Rd
Best Rd
Bice Crt $2,000,000 1
Bice Ct
Bingham Gate $624,898
Birch Tree Lane
Birch Tree Ln
Birchfield Crt $525,000
Birchfield Ct
Birchfield Dr $514,900 1
Birchfield Drive $609,900
Birmingham Ave $499,900 1
Black Creek Trail
Blackcreek Tr
Blackcreek Trail
Bloom Ave $629,000
Bluehaven Crt
Bluehaven Ct
Bluenose Lane
Bluenose Ln
Bluffs Rd $269,000
Bonathon Cres $755,000
Bonathon Crescent
Bonnycastle Dr $1,700
Bons Ave $745,900 1
Bons Ave E
Borland Crt
Borland Ct
Boswell Dr $589,900
Boswell Drive
Bottrell St $525,000
Bottrell Street $560,000
Boulton St
Boundary Rd
Bowen St $390,000
Bradley Blvd $499,000
Bradshaw St $599,900 1
Briarhill Gate
Bridges Dr $449,000
Bridle Crt
Bridle Ct
Britton Crt
Britton Ct
Broadland Cres $399,900
Broadlands Cres $450,000
Broadlands Crescent
Brodie Crt
Brodie Ct
Brookhill Blvd
Brookhouse Dr $479,900
Brooking St $588,800 1
Broome Ave $589,900
Brough Crt
Brough Ct
Brown St $329,000 2
Brownstone Cres $599,900
Brownstone Crescent
Brownsville Crt
Brownsville Ct
Brownsville Rd
Brownsville Rd N $499,900
Brownsville Rd S
Brownsville Road South
Brunsfield St
Bruntsfield St
Buckles Crt
Burk Crt
Burk Ct
Bushford St $375,000
Butson Cres $755,000 1
Buttonshaw St $779,900 1
Buxton Lane $699,900
Buxton Ln
Buyson Cres
Cabot Ct
Caldwell Cres
Caldwell Crescent
Cale Ave $749,900 1
Caleche Ave $489,900
Campling Crt
Campling Ct
Candler Crt
Candler Ct
Canoe Crt
Carey Lane
Carling Ave
Carlisle Ave $395,000
Carlson Pl
Caroline St W
Carriage Lane
Carruthers Dr
Carruthers Drive
Carveth Cres $560,000
Carveth Crescent
Catherwood Lane
Catherwood Ln
Cecil Found Cres $479,000
Cecil Found Crescent
Centerfield Dr $599,900
Centerfield Drive
Centre Crt $205,000
Centre Ct
Centre St $999,990 1
Centreview St
Champine Sq
Champine Square
Champlain Crt $259,900
Champlain Ct
Chance Crt $415,000
Chance Ct
Chantel Crt
Charles Tilley Cres
Chater St
Cherry Blossom Cres $599,888 1
Cherry Blossom Crescent
Chester Lane $500,000 1
Chester Ln
Childs Crt $524,900
Childs Ct
Church St $299,900
Church St N $384,950 2
Church St S
Church Street
Churchill Ave
Circlefield Crt
Claret Rd
Clarington Blvd $309,900 1
Clarke Rd
Clarke St $609,900
Clayton Cres $569,900
Clayton Crescent
Clemens Rd
Cliff Dr
Climie Crt $459,000
Clinton Crt
Clinton Ct
Cloverfield St
Co Op Rd $699,900
Cobbledick St
Cole Ave
Cole Court
Cole Crt $1,795
Cole Ct
Coleman St
Collier Lane
Collier Ln
Colville Ave $629,900
Colville Avenue
Con 9 Rd
Conc 9 Pt Lot 21 Rd
Concession 10 Rd
Concession 4 Rd
Concession 5 Rd
Concession 6 Rd
Concession 7 Rd
Concession 8 Rd
Concession 9 Rd
Concession Rd 1 Rd
Concession Rd 10
Concession Rd 3
Concession Rd 3 Rd
Concession Rd 6 $4,500,000 1
Concession Rd 6 Rd
Concession Rd 7 $380,000 1
Concession Rd 7 Rd $549,900
Concession Rd 8
Concession Rd 8 Rd
Concession Rd 9 $499,900
Concession St E
Concession St W $1,346,500
Concession Street East
Concession Street West $1,595,000
Connell Lane
Connell Ln
Connors Crt
Copeland Gate
Cornerbrook Crt
Cornerbrook Ct
Cornish Dr $420,000
Corporal Patterson
Corporal Patterson Lane
Corporal Patterson Ln
Cotton St $629,990
Coulson Crt
Coulson Ct
Courtice Rd $419,900 1
Courtice Rd N
Courtice Road
Courtney St $649,900
Courvier Cres $779,900
Courvier Crescent
Cousins St
Crockett Pl
Crombie St $747,200 2
Crough St
Cutler Dr
Dadson Dr $629,900
Dadson Drive
Daiseyfield Ave
Daiseyfield Avenue
Dale Park Dr $499,900
Dale Park Dr E $459,000
Daley Ave
Dan Sheehan Lane
Darlington Blvd $629,900
Darlington Boulevard $2,500,000 1
Darlington Clarke To Rd $584,800
Darlington Clarke Tw Rd $587,788
Darlington Clarke Tw Rd N
Darlington St
Darryl Caswell Way $569,900
Dart Crt
Dart Ct
David Baker Crt
Davids Cres
Davids Crescent
Davis Crt
Davis Ct
Decoe Crt
Deerpark Cres $498,999
Deerpark Crescent
Devondale St $575,000 1
Dewell Cres $489,900 1
Dewell Crescent
Division St
Division St N
Dodds Sq
Dodds Square
Dolan Crt
Dolan Ct
Don Morris Crt $899,900
Don Morris Ct
Donald Powell Cres $769,900 1
Donaldson Dr $949,900
Doncaster Cres $699,990 1
Doncaster Crescent $679,900
Doreen Cres
Doreen Crescent
Dorset St
Doug Walton Lane $769,000 1
Doug Walton Ln
Downham Dr $545,000 1
Driftwood Lane
Driftwood Ln
Duchess St $345,900 1
Dudley Ct
Duke St $339,900 1
Dunkin Ave $554,000
Durham Highway 2 Rd $569,000
Durham Regional Hwy 2
Durham Regional Rd 18
Durham Regional Rd 3
Durham Regional Rd 57
Durham Regional Rd 9
Durham St $569,900
Duval St $727,000 1
Duvall St
Dykstra Lane $448,000 1
E Beach Rd
Eagle Crt $1,737,888
Eagle Ct
East Beach Rd $749,900
Eastbank Rd
Eastfield Cres
Eastfield Crescent
Edgerton Dr
Edgerton Drive
Edinborough Lane
Edinborough Ln
Edmonson Ave $499,000
Edsall Ave
Edward St
Edward St E
Edward St W
Edward Street East
Edwin Carr St $749,000 1
Eldad Dr $509,900
Elephant Hill Dr
Elford Dr $389,900
Elford Drive
Elgin Lane
Elgin St $389,900
Elgin Street
Ella Mae Ln
Elmer Adams Dr $599,000
Emily St W
Empire Cres $439,900 1
Empire Crescent
Enfield Rd $1,250,000
Erskine Dr $619,900
Fairbairn Crt $439,900 1
Faircomb Crescent
Fairway Dr $219,900
Farmington Dr
Farmstead Dr $439,900
Farmstead Dr N
Farmstead Drive
Farncomb Cres
Farncomb Crescent
Farrow Avenue
Fenning Dr
Fenwick Ave $399,900
Fenwick Ave S
Fewster St
Fewster Street
Fieldcrest Ave $514,900
Fieldcrest Avenue
Fifth Line
Fir Dr
Firner St
First St
Firwood Ave $422,000
Firwood Avenue
Flaxman Ave
Flett St
Flood Ave $649,000
Forrester Dr $549,000 1
Foster Creek Crt
Foster Creek Ct
Foster Creek Dr $485,000
Fourth Ave
Fourth St $420,000
Foxhunt Tr $1,160,000
Foxhunt Trail
Frank St
Frank Wheeler Ave
Frank Wheeler Ave S
Frank Wheeler Dr
Fred Jackman Ave
Frederick Ave
Freeland Ave $719,990 1
Fry Cres
Fry Crescent
Galbraith Court
Galbraith Crt $419,900
Galbraith Ct
Ganaraska 9 Rd $684,000 1
Ganaraska Rd
Garden Manor Pl
Gary Crt
George Reynolds
George Reynolds Dr $609,000
George Reynolds Drive
George St $440,000 1
George St E $389,900
George St W
Gimblett St $824,450 2
Given Rd
Glanville Cres $399,900
Glanville Crescent
Glen Eagles Dr
Glen Eagles Drive
Glen Ray Crt
Glen Ray Ct
Glenabbey Dr $624,900 1
Glenabbey Drive
Glenview Rd $1,039,900 1
Goheen St $565,000
Goldpine Ave $499,000 1
Gomme Ave
Goodall Cres $689,900
Goodall Crescent
Goodwin Ave $563,000
Goodwin Avenue
Gord Vinson Ave $629,000
Gord Vinson Ave E
Gord Vinson Avenue $1,850,000
Gordon Cowling St $699,900 1
Gosul Ave
Grady Dr $679,990 1
Grady Drive $595,900
Graham Crt
Granary Lane
Granary Ln
Granville Dr
Grasshopper Park Rd
Green Rd $429,900
Grist Mill Court
Grist Mill Crt $989,900 1
Grist Mill Ct
Guildwood Cres
Guildwood Dr $559,876
Guildwood Dr N $575,000
Gusul Ave $719,900
Halstead Rd $679,888
Hammond Dr $469,900
Hammond St $549,900
Hancock Rd
Hanna Dr
Hanning Court
Hanning Crt $415,000
Hanning Ct
Harmer Dr $650,000 1
Harmer Drive $494,900
Harry Gay Dr $878,000
Harry Gay Drive $878,000 1
Hart Blvd $479,000 1
Hart Crt
Hart Ct
Hartsfield Dr $415,000
Hathaway Dr
Hawke Crt
Hearthstone Cres $589,900
Hearthstone Crescent
Heatherlea Dr
Hemmingway Dr $599,900
Heritage Lane $324,900
Heritage Ln
Herriman St $449,900
Hetherington Dr $699,000
Hetherington Drive $599,900
High Rd
High St $535,000
High Street
Highway 115 35 Rd
Highway 2 $699,900
Highway 2 Ave
Highway 2 E
Highway 2 Out
Highway 2 Rd $564,000 2
Highway 35 115 $599,000
Hill St
Hillcrest Lane
Hillhurst Cres $389,000
Hillhurst Crescent
Hillier Dr
Hillier St $479,900
Hillside Crt
Hillside Ct
Hillside Dr $924,900
Hilltop Dr
Hinkley Tr
Hinkley Trail
Hobbs Dr $469,900
Hockaday Crt
Hockley Ave
Hodnett Cres $489,000
Hodnett Crescent
Hogan Cres
Hogan Crescent
Holgate Cres
Holgate Crescent
Holt Rd
Holyrod Dr $769,000 1
Holyrod Rd
Homefield Sq $524,900
Homefield Square
Honeyman Dr $569,900
Honeyman Dr Dr
Hooper Sq $489,900
Hooper Square
Horsey St
Hoy St $549,900 1
Hunt St
Huntington Cres $559,900
Huntington Crescent
Hutton Pl $549,000
Hutton Pl E
Hutton Place
Hwy 2
Hwy 2 Rd
Inglis Ave $350,000
Inglis Crt
Inglis Ct
Ireland St $649,000
Ireland Street
Irwin Rd
Islay Crt
Islay Ct
Ivory Crt $439,900
Ivory Ct
Jack Roach St $699,900 1
Jackman Rd $640,000
Jane Ave $999,900
Jane St $479,900
Jennings Dr $760,000
John Matthew Cres $499,450 2
John Matthews Cres
John Scott Ave $439,900
John Scott Crt
John Scott Ct
John Walter Cres
John Walter Crescent
Jollow Dr
Jones Ave
Jura Crt $569,900
Jura Ct
Kaukonen Court
Kaukonen Crt
Kaukonen Ct
Kawartha Rd $329,000 1
Keating Dr
Keating Drive
Keating St S $749,999
Keeler Cres
Keeler Crescent
Kelman Pl
Kelman Place
Ken Bromley Lane $495,000
Kendal Church St $859,900
Kennedy Dr $479,900
Kenneth Cole
Kenneth Cole Dr $549,990 1
Kershaw St $424,900
Kershaw Street $424,900
Kilgannon Ave $469,888
Kilgannon Ave S
Killgannon Ave
Kilpatrick Crt $559,990 1
Kimble Ave
King Ave
King Ave E $1,199,000
King Ave W
King Avenue East $1,199,000 1
King Lane
King Ln
King St
King St E
King St W
King Street East
Kingsview Court
Kingsview Crt
Kingsview Ct
Kingsway Gate $679,000 1
Kingswood Dr $699,900
Kintyre St $525,000
Kintyre Street
L 01 1 Sydney Lane
Ladd Court
Ladd Ct
Lake Rd $175,000
Lake Road $175,000 1
Lakebreeze Dr $461,300 3
Lakebreeze Drive $374,900
Lakeshore Rd
Lakeshore Rd E $890,000
Lakeview Rd
Laking Dr
Laking Drive
Lambs Lane $399,900
Lambs Ln
Lambs Rd
Lander Cres $425,000 1
Lander Cres N
Landerville Lane
Landerville Ln
Langmaid Rd $898,000
Laprade Sq
Laprade Square
Laurelwood St
Laurelwood Street
Lawrence Cres $379,000
Lawrence Crescent
Lawson Rd
Leskard Rd $339,000 1
Liberty Pl
Liberty St
Liberty St N $384,640 5
Liberty St S $525,000 1
Liberty Street North
Lillian Cres $499,900
Lillian Crescent
Limmiman Crt
Lionel Byam Dr $1,475,000
Little Ave
Little Brook Rd
Little Rd
Littlebrook Rd $399,900
Living Crt $679,900
Living Ct
Lobb Crt $595,000 1
Lobb Ct
Lockhart Gate $449,900
Long Sault Rd
Longwood Crt $425,900
Longwood Ct
Longworth Ave $459,900 1
Longworth Ave E
Longworth Avenue $489,900
Lord Duncan Crt $1,259,000
Lord Duncan Ct
Lorne Yeo Crt $1,299,900
Lorraine Crt
Lorraine Ct
Loscombe Dr $390,000
Loscombe Drive
Lot 1 Nash Rd
Lot 2 Nash Rd
Lot 4 Bennett Road $100,000
Lovekin Crt
Lovekin Ct
Lovers Lane
Lovers Ln
Lowe St
Lownie Crt $549,900 1
Lownie Ct
Lowrey Rd $433,000 1
Loyalist Crt $324,900 1
Lunney Cres $529,900
Lunney Crescent
Luverme Ct
Lyndale Cres
Lyndale Cres E
Lyndale Crescent
Lyndale Drive
Lynwood Ave
Maconnachie Pl
Madden Pl $549,900
Madden Pl E $1,900
Madden Place
Main St $849,900 2
Main Street $569,000
Mallory St $689,900 1
Mann St $950,400 2
Mann Street
Manvers Rd $2,100
Maple Grove Rd
Maplegrove Rd
Marchwood Cres $599,900
Marchwood Crescent
Markham Tr $469,900
Martin Rd $299,999
Martin Rd S $1,050,000
Martin Road $1,050,000
Marydale Park Rd
Massey Dr
Maxwell Crt $499,988
Maxwell Ct
Mcbride Ave
Mcbride St
Mccallum St $749,900 1
Mccorkell St $699,990 1
Mccorkell Street
Mccrimmon Cres $439,000
Mccrimmon Crescent
Mcdonald Cres $599,000
Mcfeeter Cres
Mcfeeters Cres $509,900
Mcfeeters Crescent
Mclellan Crt $849,900
Mclellan Ct
Mclellan Dr
Mcmann Cres $449,900
Mcmann Crescent
Mcphail Ave
Mcroberts Cres $749,900
Meadowglade Rd
Meadowview Blvd $459,900
Mearns Ave
Meredith Crt
Meredith Ct
Merryfield Court
Merryfield Crt
Merryfield Crt S
Merryfield Ct
Metcalf St
Middle Rd
Mill Lane $399,000 1
Mill Ln
Mill St $374,900
Mill St N $469,900
Mill St S
Millburn Dr $594,900 1
Millburn Dr E
Millburn Dr S
Millburn Drive
Milligan St $655,000 1
Milligan Street
Millson Hill Dr
Millstream Lane
Millstream Lane N
Millstream Ln
Millville Ave
Mls E2098167
Monroe St E $399,000
Monroe St W
Montague Ave $624,900 1
Morgans Rd
Morgans Rd S
Moses Cres $649,900
Mossgrove Court
Mossgrove Crt
Mossgrove Ct
Moulton Crt
Moulton Ct
Moyse Dr $479,900
Moyse Drive
Mulholland Crt
Mulholland Ct
Mull Cres
Mull Crescent
Munday Crt
Munday Ct
N Mill Lane
N Scugog Ct
N Station St
Nash Rd $632,133 3
Nash Rd S
Nash Road
Nelson Lane
Nelson St $629,900 1
Nelson St W
Nelson Street $629,900 1
Newport Ave $599,900
Newtonville Rd
Niagara Trail
Nicks St
Niddery St
Noden Cres $599,000
North Mill Lane
North Scugog Crt $2,100
North St $350,000
North St N
North Station St
Northglen Blvd $730,330 3
Oakfield Gate
Oban Crt $649,000
Oban Ct
Ochonski Rd
Odell St $429,900
Odlum St
Oke Rd $449,900
Oke Rd E
Oke Road
Old Kingston Rd
Old Mill Rd
Old Mill St
Old Scugog Rd $689,000
Old Scugog Road $349,900
Old Varcoe Rd
Ontario Ave
Ontario St $525,000 1
Ontario Street
Orchard Heights Dr
Orchard Park Blvd $674,900
Orchard Park Dr $634,900
Orchardview Blvd
Ormiston Lane
Ormiston Rd $1,390,000
Ormiston St
Orono Division St
Orono Division Street
Orr Crt
Orr Ct
Osgoode Gate
Oxley Crt $529,900
Oxley Ct
Padfield Dr $524,900
Padfield Drive
Page Pl $774,900
Pamela Crt
Pamela Ct
Park Dr
Park Lane
Park Lawn Dr
Park Ln
Park Ln Cir
Park Pl Ln
Park St
Parklane Cir
Parklane Circ $319,900
Parklawn Dr
Parkway Ave
Parkway Cres $469,900
Parkway Crescent
Partner Dr $674,900
Paynes Cres $979,000 1
Peachtree Cres
Peachtree Crescent
Pears Crt $699,900
Pears Ct
Pebblebeach Dr
Pebblestone Rd $1,199,900 1
Pedwell St $722,567 3
Pedwell St N $659,500
Pedwell Street $599,000
Penfound Dr
Penfound Drive
Perry Ave
Perry Avenue
Peters Pike
Peters Pike Rd $424,999
Peters Pike St
Phair Ave $449,900
Pickard Gate
Pidduck St
Piggot Lane
Pine St
Pinedale Cres $639,900
Pineridge Cres
Pineridge Crt $240,000
Pineridge Ct
Piper Cres $774,900 1
Piper Crescent
Pomeroy St $384,900
Poolton Cres $489,800
Poolton Crescent
Port Darlington Rd $300,000
Port Darlington Road $300,000
Port Of Newcastle Dr $749,999
Potters Lane
Potters Ln
Powers Crt
Prestonvale Dr
Prestonvale Rd $896,583 3
Prestonvale Road
Prestonway Dr $509,900 1
Prince Rupert Dr
Prince St $399,000
Princess St $499,999 1
Prospect St $430,000 1
Prout Dr $509,900
Purdy Pl $799,000 1
Quackenbush St $519,800 1
Queen St $689,900
Queen Victoria St
Quick Tr
Quinn Dr
Rafton St
Ravey St $474,900
Ray Richards St $649,000 1
Raymond Court
Raymond Crt
Rebecca Crt
Redfern Cres $589,900 1
Redfern Crescent
Regional 42
Regional 42 Rd $599,900
Regional 57 Rd
Regional 57 Road $175,000 1
Regional 9 Rd
Regional Rd 17 Rd $499,900 1
Regional Rd 3 Rd
Regional Rd 57 Rd $1,235,000
Regional Rd 57 Rd N
Regional Rd 9 Rd $684,000
Regional Road 17 Rd $499,900 1
Regional Road 17 Rd N $3,000,000 2
Regional Road 3 Rd
Rehder Ave $729,000
Reid Rd
Remi Crt
Remi Ct
Remmington St $819,900
Renwick Rd $669,000
Rex Tooley Lane $699,900
Rex Tooley Ln
Rhonda Blvd $539,900 1
Richard Davies Cres $469,000
Richard Robb Lane
Richfield Sq $469,900
Richfield Square
Rickaby St $575,000 1
Rickaby St E
Rickaby St N
Riley Rd
Road 7 Conc
Road 8 Conc
Robb Lane $599,990
Robert Adams Dr $629,900
Robert Adams Drive
Robert St E
Rosalynne Ave
Rose Cres
Rosemeadow Cres
Rosemeadow Crescent
Roser Cres $459,900 1
Roser Crescent
Ross Wright Ave
Rosswell Dr $634,900 1
Rosswell Drive
Rowe St $419,000
Rowland Crt
Rowland Ct
Roy Carter St
Roy Nichols Dr $699,900 1
Royal Pines Crt $599,900 1
Royal Pines Ct
Rudell Rd $599,900 1
Rustwood St $439,900
Rutherford Dr $599,900 1
S Service Rd
Saddlebrook Crt
Saddlebrook Ct
Sagewood Ave
Saint George St S
Salter Ct
Sandringham Dr $649,900 1
Sandringham Dr N
Sandringham Drive
Saunders Ave $549,900 1
Saunders Crt
Sawmill Crt
Sawmill Ct
Schooner Lane
Schooner Ln
Scottsdale Dr $599,990
Scottsdale Drive
Scugog Crt N
Scugog Lane W
Scugog Rd
Scugog St $599,900 1
Scugog St W
Second St $359,900
Service Rd S
Settlers Rdge
Seventh Hole Crt $279,900
Shady Lane $425,000
Shady Lane Cres $389,900
Shady Lane Crescent
Shady Ln Crescent
Sheco Crt $549,900
Sheco Ct
Sheenan Crt
Sheenan Ct
Shipley Ave
Shipway Ave $919,000 1
Shipway Ave W
Shipway Avenue
Shoreview Crt
Shoreview Ct
Shoreview Dr
Short Cres $429,900 1
Short Crescent
Shuttleworth Dr $647,500
Side Dr W
Sideline 4
Sideline 6
Sidney Lane $309,900
Sidney Ln
Sidney Rundle Ave $489,000
Silver St $299,900
Silver Street $1,639,900
Simcoe Crt
Simnick Cres $499,900
Simnick Crescent
Simpson Ave $425,000
Sisson Lane $629,900
Sisson Ln
Skelding Rd
Skinner Crt $699,000 1
Skinner Ct
Sleeman Sq $725,000
Sleeman Square
Snowden Crt
Solina Rd $1,299,900 1
Solina Rd N
Somerscales Dr $415,900 1
Somerville Dr
Sommerville Dr $419,000
Soper Creek Dr $728,900
Soper Crt
Southfield Ave $699,999
Southway Dr
Southway Drive
Springfield Lane
Springfield Ln
Sprucewood Cres $409,900
Sprucewood Crescent
Spry Ave
Squire Fletcher Dr $649,900
St George St N $360,000
Stagemaster Cres $524,900
Stagemaster Crescent
Stanford Cres $529,900
Stanford Crescent
Staples Ave $508,000
Station St
Station St N
Steelhead Lane
Steelhead Ln
Stephen Ave $785,800 1
Stephens Gulch Dr $499,900
Stephens Gulch Drive
Stephenson Rd $369,900
Stevens Rd
Stillwell Lane $518,800
Stillwell Lane S
Stillwell Ln
Stirling Ave
Strathallan Dr
Strathmanor Dr
Streathern Way $469,900
Streathern Way N $449,900
Strike Ave $500,000 1
Stuart Dr
Stuart Rd $599,000 1
Stuart Road
Sumac Crt
Sumac Ct
Sumac Rd
Summerfield Crt $449,900
Summerlea Crt
Summerlea Ct
Summitcrest Crt $899,900
Summitcrest Ct
Sunicrest Blvd $449,900
Sunny Ridge Tr
Sunny Ridge Trail
Sunset Blvd $459,900
Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Rd $549,900
Sunset Road $549,900
Swindells St $499,900 1
Swindells St N
Swindells St S
Swindells Street
Sydel Crt $1,199,900
Sydel Ct
Sydney Lane $239,000
Sylvia Crt
Sylvia Ct
Tabb Ave
Taft Pl $469,900 1
Taft Place
Taunton Rd $1,499,999 1
Taunton Rd E $149,900 1
Temperance St
The Bridle Path $299,900
The Bridle Path Path
The Bridle Path S
The Cove Rd $329,900 1
Third St $399,900
Third St W
Thomas Woodlock St
Thornbury Ct
Thornbury St $684,900
Tigh St $609,000
Tilley Rd $499,900
Tilley Road
Timberlane Crt $1,575,000
Tooley Rd $1,800
Toronto St
Townline Rd $1,289,900 1
Townline Rd N $1,298,900 1
Townline Rd S $439,000
Trewin Lane $424,898 1
Trewin Ln
Trudeau Dr $479,900
Trudeau Drive
Trulls Rd $1,500,000 1
Trulls Rd N
Trulls Rd S
Trulls Road
Tucker Rd $469,900
Tucker Road $469,900
Turnberry Cres $519,000
Turnberry Crescent
Twillingate Lane
Tyler St $540,000
Vail Meadows Cres $409,900 1
Vail Meadows Crescent
Valleycrest Dr
Vanstone Crct
Vanstone Crt
Vanstone Ct
Varcoe Rd $879,000
Venton Crt
Venton Ct
Vesna Ct
Veterans Ave $429,900
Vetzal Crt $1,075,000 1
Victoria St $425,000
Vincent Crt
Vincent Ct
Virtue Crt
Virtue Ct
Vivian Dr $824,900 1
W Beach Rd
W Scugog Ln
W Side Dr
Wabbokish Crt
Wabbokish Ct
Wade Sq $625,000
Wade Sq E
Wade Square
Walbridge Crt $499,900
Walbridge Ct
Washburn Path $599,640
Washington Pl
Washington St
Waterview Lane
Waterview Ln
Waverley Rd $688,000
Waverley Road $999,000 1
Waverly Rd
Weaver St $435,000
Weldrick Cres $599,900
Weldrick Crescent
Wellington St
Wellington Street
Werrydale Dr $1,249,900
West Beach Rd $585,000 1
West Over Dr
West Scugog Lane $657,400 2
West Side Dr $599,888
West Side Drive
Westlake St
Westlake Street
Westmore St $999,900
Westover Dr $434,900
Wheelhouse Dr $269,900
Wheelhouse Drive
Wheelhouse Rd
White Cliffe Ct
White Cliffe Dr $650,000
Whitehand Dr
Wilbert Hoar Crt
Wilkins Cres $469,900
Wilkins Crescent $424,900
Willey Dr
Willey Drive
William Cowles Dr $695,000 1
William Fair Dr $744,500 2
William Jose
William Jose Crt
William Jose Ct
Willow Crt
Willow Ct
Wilmot St
Wilmot Tr $229,900 2
Wilmot Trail $323,000
Wilmot Trail Tr $299,900
Windham Cres $524,000
Windham Crescent
Windsor Valley Pl
Windsor Valley Place
Winter Rd
Woolacott Lane
Woolacott Lane W
Woolacott Ln
Woolner Lane $799,000
Worthington Dr $1,050,000
Wrenn Blvd
Yorkville Crt
Yorkville Ct
Yorkville Dr $434,900