Best Streets in Patterson Heights

streets Avg. List Price
Average list price for January 2018
YOY Price Change (%)
Year over year price change is the increase in average list price from January 2017 to January 2018
Active Listings
2 108 Village Ht Sw $239,000
Bearspaw Village Cove
Bearspaw Village Cres
Coach Hill Rd Sw
Coach Hill Road Southwest $743,500 1
Cougar Ridge Landing Southwest $653,193 4
Cougar Ridge Ld Sw
Coulee Lane Southwest $1,495,000
Coulee Lane Sw
Coulee Ln Sw
Coulee Pa Sw
Coulee Park Southwest
Coulee Park Sw
Coulee View Southwest
Coulee View Sw
Coulee Vw Sw
Coulee Way Southwest
Coulee Way Sw
Coulee Wy Sw
Old Banff Coach Rd Sw
Old Banff Coach Road Southwest $440,800 2
Patina Court Southwest
Patina Crt Sw
Patina Ct Sw
Patina Dr Sw $339,900
Patina Drive Southwest $359,267 3
Patina Gr Sw
Patina Green Southwest $909,000
Patina Green Sw
Patina Hill Southwest $899,900 1
Patina Hill Sw
Patina Hl Sw
Patina Lane Southwest $2,446,000
Patina Ln Sw
Patina Park Southwest $309,950 2
Patina Park Sw
Patina Pl Sw
Patina Point Southwest $289,000
Patina Point Sw
Patina Pt Sw
Patina Ri Sw
Patina Rise Southwest $360,000 1
Patina Rise Sw
Patina Terrace Southwest
Patina Terrace Sw
Patina View Southwest $449,900
Patina View Sw
Patrick View Southwest
Patrick View Sw
Patrick Vw Sw
Patterson Ba Sw
Patterson Blvd Sw $1,569,750
Patterson Boulevard Southwest $1,818,900 2
Patterson Bv Sw
Patterson Cl Sw
Patterson Close Southwest
Patterson Close Sw
Patterson Cres Sw
Patterson Crescent Southwest $995,000
Patterson Crescent Sw
Patterson Dr Sw $239,000
Patterson Drive Southwest $2,087,500 2
Patterson Green Southwest
Patterson Grove Sw
Patterson Gv Sw $1,789,000 1
Patterson Hill Southwest $227,450 2
Patterson Hill Sw
Patterson Hl Sw
Patterson Me Sw
Patterson Mews Sw
Patterson Mount Southwest
Patterson Mt Sw
Patterson Pa Sw
Patterson Park Southwest $950,000
Patterson Park Sw
Patterson Pk Sw
Patterson Point Southwest $289,300
Patterson Ri Sw
Patterson Rise Southwest $599,900
Patterson Rise Sw
Patterson View Southwest $379,000 1
Patterson View Sw
Prominence Heights Southwest $442,950 2
Prominence Heights Sw
Prominence Ht Sw
Prominence Hts Sw
Prominence Pa Sw
Prominence Park Southwest $471,894 2
Prominence Park Sw
Prominence Path Southwest $620,000
Prominence Path Sw
Prominence Ph Sw $629,900 1
Prominence Pk Sw
Prominence Point Sw
Prominence Pt Sw
Prominence Ri Sw $158,500
Prominence Rise Southwest $156,900 1
Prominence Rise Sw
Prominence View Southwest $400,000
Prominence View Sw
Prominence Way Sw
Prominence Wy Sw
Sarcee Trail Sw
T3 H
Village Gdns Sw
Village Heights Southwest $304,450 4
Village Heights Sw
Village Hts Sw
Village Mews Southwest $242,400 2
Village Mews Sw
Village Terr Sw
Village Terrace Southwest $281,500 2
Village Terrace Sw