Zoocasa tips and tricks: Save listings and Zoopraisals

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Learn more about Zoocasa tips and tricks and save a listing or a Zoopraisal to get one step closer to finding your dream home.

So it’s time to move. The decision to put up that ‘FOR SALE’ sign is not the only one you’ll need to make. You need to decide what your needs are and make sure you’re doing the research to find the right home for you. Do you need a big backyard for the kids to play? A two-car garage? An updated kitchen?

With the thousands of homes listed online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You will find yourself looking at hundreds of homes, taking notes, making checklists. You’ll lose sleep mulling over to-do lists and get lost in daydreams of wrap-around porches and bay windows. You may eventually come up with a list of favourites and decide it’s time to visit them and see if you get that proverbial feeling that you’ve found ‘the one’.

Save your favourite listings

With Zoocasa, you can save listings with the simple click of a mouse, so you can keep track of what interests you and avoid the hassle of going back and searching all over again or jumbling through the messy scribbles of 136 homes in your notebook. You can go back and remove items off your list or revisit your listings which are conveniently stored on your dashboard.

When you’ve finally set your sights on the perfect home, it’s time for another big step. You need to figure out what your current home is worth and the budget you can expect to put towards your next big purchase.

With just a few clicks, Zoocasa can provide you with an instant home value estimate with Zoopraisal. This tool gives you an estimated market value for a property, calculated using a proprietary formula. You can also get a comprehensive home valuation prepared by one of Zoocasa’s preferred agents.

 Zoocasa tips and tricks: Save listings and Zoopraisals

Save your Zoopraisal results

Zoopraisal also offers you a snapshot of your neighbourhood, including population, average home price, and demographics of the residents. Having these statistics makes it easy for you to sell your home with confidence and to make an educated decision when it comes to determining a realistic asking price.

Selling your home while trying to find a new one can be extremely stressful. Having the right tools and an expert opinion will simplify the process and give you some much needed relief and spare time to make smart, informed decisions.

Interested in finding out what your home is worth? Check out Zoopraisal and find out now! Zoocasa is a licensed brokerage and a Rogers Communications company.

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