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Searching ‘real estate’ on any app store and you’ll get a lot of range from the absolute best to the absolute worst. Here at Zoocasa we pride ourselves on giving homebuyers and real estate agents a no-nonsense approach to advice and we’re here to review a great app that has caught our eye.


Meet My Measures & Dimensions by SIS Software: An app that allows you to store and share object dimensions. Available on iOS and Android platforms, the app comes as a free as well as paid version. Our review is going to be focused on how homebuyers as well as real estate professionals can get the most out of it.

The app is simplistic and understated: Take a photo of an object that you want to save the dimensions for and add arrows, angles and text on top for a quick reminder. Your measurements are then stored where you can view them at a later time or share them as well. Here are the demo pictures that we took (and measured) around the office, with our comments:

What we liked: You can not only measure different aspects of room but also leave notes. Measurements can be made in both metric and imperial.
What we liked: Taking the picture that much closer or from farther away, you can get as detailed as you want with the measurements.
What we liked: A great angle feature for windows or for non-standard architectural structures. A magnifying glass will give you extra precision when adding it to the image.
For those who want more functionality, the Pro version (currently $0.99CAD) allows you to have iCloud sync and backup, zoom capability, snap for arrow heads, loupes and cross mode and PREXISO iC4 support. 
For homebuyers, this app can be very helpful when going to open houses as you can make notes to the pictures you take for future reference or even to start thinking about renovations and additions. For real estate professionals, the app can assist you in viewings to give homebuyers who want even more specific information about different architectural aspects of the home and also be a virtual presentation to homebuyers who cannot attend the viewing in person.
Click the links below to download the app:
  • For iOS click here
  • For Android click here

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