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Last month we ventured into new territory by reviewing a great app called My Measures & Dimensions. Fresh off the same idea, another great app came to our attention called MagicPlan by Sensopia. We took a test run of this app at the Zoocasa offices and we’re really excited to share what we liked about the app.

MagicPlan for iOS (Free)
The app is small but powerful, allowing your to capture the measurements of a room by standing in the centre of it, aiming your device at the floor and ‘pinning’ corners and doors. The app crunches the inputs and produces a blueprint of the room complete with measurements.

Not only does the app allow you to capture the measurements of rooms but will also allow you to “decorate” it with couches, beds, stairwells and much more. If that wasn’t enough, you can actually construct the floor plan of a property by linking rooms together to create different floors.
MagicPlan is currently available for iOS devices but we did see that if you were interested in the app for Android, you could let them know on their website. Platforms aside, Here are the demo pictures that we took (and measured) around the office, with our comments:

What we liked: A great step-by-step demo

Tip: A steady hand produces better results

What we liked: Great adjustment features

The learning curve is quite short. Below you can see our first two attempts at capturing the dimensions of a room.

What we liked: Full customization

You can add room features like beds, stairwells and furniture to take the planning to the next level.

An interesting note: Sensopia also has a CSI version of this app for crime scene investigators. Not only can you accessorize the floor plan with furniture and other architectural features, but you can also add evidence tags as well. 
Like our previous app review this app proves to be quite useful for both homebuyers and real estate professionals. For homebuyers, this app can be very helpful when going to open houses as you can make notes to the pictures you take for future reference or even to start thinking about renovations and additions. For real estate professionals, the app can assist you in viewings to give homebuyers who want even more specific information about different architectural aspects of the home and also be a virtual presentation to homebuyers who cannot attend the viewing in person.
Click the link below to download the app:
  • For iOS click here

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