What is Project Maverick?

A new real estate brand is being launched in Canada! The brand is still a secret and won’t be officially announced until October 4th. What’s all the excitement surrounding “Project Maverick“? Well, what we do know is that this new brand in real estate will be really geared to helping at the agent and broker levels and it’s spawning some speculation within the industry.

Check out the video below:

The brief teaser plays a bit like an action movie trailer and plays in line with the moniker “maverick” but it does pose a lot of interesting questions. Who could this brand be and could it have the potential to change the industry? Is this just another marketing ploy or is a fresh brand with a new focus just what the industry needs? How will it affect other brands and does the industry need yet another one?

Have you heard about Project Maverick? What’s your take or do you have an inside scoop? Comment below!

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