REALTOR® Referrals – Will your choice not work as hard?

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by Kelley Skar

Recently I had a client that was looking to move to Northwest Calgary from another part of the country. It just so happened that I had a contact in the city that they were from and I offered to set them up with my colleague.

A little disclosure before I continue with the story…I had never worked with this REALTOR® that I was referring however I had met her at a conference and was impressed with how she carried herself and her overall knowledge of the business as well as her local market. So we exchanged cards and now on with the rest of the story…
I referred this Agent to my clients and explained how the process worked in terms of commissions. I would refer them to this Agent and in return the REALTOR® as per our agreement would pay me a referral fee of 25% of the listing commission. This is a pretty standard thing within the industry, some will charge more, in fact I once had an Agent charge 35% on one end and 25% on the other end with the same client but I digress.
After explaining how the compensation would work the clients response was,“Well if they are making 25% LESS that says to us that they are not going to give us 100% to get our home sold!” Huh?!
In my business as well as in my personal life I do not just refer people out that I do not vett or that I have never used before. When you are looking for a mechanic or a florist or a hairdresser who do you go to besides Google for a referral? Typically your friends or someone that is closely tied or related to the business? I know I do.
So you can imagine my utter surprise when MY clients said NO without even having met the person that I was referring to them. I referred this Agent because she was down to earth and seemed like a good values match for my clients and I was convinced that she would give not 100% but 150% effort in getting their home sold.
If you are looking to make a move are you going to ask your friends for a referral to a REALTOR®? If you are making a move to a new city and have already sold are you going to ask your Agent that sold your home for a referral to an Agent in the new city? Probably.
I can only speak for myself when I say this but I am hoping this rings true for most REALTORS®, I am going to give you everything I got no matter if I am paying 20, 30, 40% of my commission to the referring Agent!

At the end of the day you have to match your values and personalities with the Agent that has been referred to you. I encourage you to at least meet with the Agent BEFORE you judge whether they are going to be willing to give you 150% of their effort.

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