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by michael krisa

Krisstina Wise; Principal/Broker of Good Life Team shares her money making thoughts and strategies on Social Networking.

In this video my friend Krisstina Wise; Broker/Owner of Good Life Team in Austin Texas, will share some of the radical strategies she uses in Twitter to “Crush It!”

Now I know what you’re saying … “Oh heck another guru trying to tell me what to do on facebook, twitter etc!”

I feel your pain BUT Krisstina is not a guru; she is a practicing broker that has actually figured this social network marketing thing out … AND … making money doing it. That’s right, she is actually generating leads, building a responsive following, engaging her clients and being cash positive.

Who is Krisstina Wise? At first glance you might see her as just the owner of the GoodLife team, Inc. What you might not know about, Krisstina, is her uncommon ambition and passion towards life as a highly regarded leader, entrepreneur, visionary, national master trainer, business coach, mentor, advisor, role model, athlete, wife and mother.

Krisstina isn’t content to be one of the country’s top real estate brokerages. Though her GoodLife team real estate practice ranks in the top 1% nationwide and she is in demand as a trainer, speaker and coach for leading international real estate companies, Krisstina’s vision is to redefine real estate itself. Through advanced adoption of innovative technologies, an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to move into new frontiers and a far-reaching commitment to service, her true mission is to dramatically improve, expand and enrich the real estate client experience.

As an entrepreneur, Krisstina launched Agent Elf in 1998. The first ASP real estate systems management and CRM tool, Agent Elf delivered advanced software and a dedication to real estate transformation. It quickly achieved a dominant position in the industry.

During the same time that Krisstina was innovating new real estate technology, she was also building her business’ brand and technology. Krisstina designed to be a perfect match for high-tech Austin. Sprinting beyond the antiquated systems common in the tradition-bound world of real estate, Krisstina’s web strategy embraces google, yahoo, trulia, craigslist, itunes, iphones, blogs, chats, webinars, text messaging, instant messaging, podcasting and interactive maps. There’s even wireless internet access throughout the renovated warehouse office in East Austin – including the peaceful outdoor zen space.

When Krisstina isn’t leading her team or envisioning new real estate technology ventures, she is a leading business and real estate trainer, often conducting two-day seminars for hundreds of the country’s top real estate agents. She more recently added consulting and one-on-one coaching to her repertoire.

You can contact Krisstina by email at … [email protected]

Enjoy the video and PLEASE leave your comments below.

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