iPad for your Real Estate Business

by Kelley Skar

Have you thought about getting an iPad?

Are you going with the iPad2 or the first version? Well no matter what version you are going with, if you are looking at using this device for your real estate business, this is a good first step to check out the apps you will need to succeed.

I have prepared a video below so that you can get an idea as to what Apps I use on a daily basis for every part of my business.

The iPad is an integral part of my business, it allows me to create and edit market evaluations as well as present them, write up and edit Purchase and Listing contracts, as well as keeping me organized. It is in my opinion the most important tool in your tool box if you are looking to become a fully mobile Agent.

iPad and How to Get Started

Below is the video I mentioned earlier, feel free to watch and share what I have done.

About the Contributor

Kelley has consistently been in the top 5% in sales since he started full time in the real estate industry in 2008. He went through a major shift in his marketing plan at the end of 2009, recognizing the trend, and making the move towards digital marketing including websites, video, blogging and social media. Kelley is incredibly passionate about the use of technology and social media in his business and is often sought out for advice from other Agents from across North America. Kelley’s primary websites are: http://nwcalgaryliving.com and http://kelleyskar.com.

To connect with Kelley through Social Media follow him on twitter.com/kelleyskar and on Facebook.com/kelleyskar. If you have questions or comments you can reach Kelley direct at [email protected].

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