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Monday was a big day at the Zoo. We were celebrating the coming together of two very powerful tools. Our ever-talented developers have worked their magic and found a way to marry Zoocasa’s real estate goodness with Google’s Street View. After much planning and excitement this union has launched! As of Monday, beyond viewing homes on Zoocasa’s interactive map, you can find yourself virtually standing on the street in front of a listing. If you like, you can even have a little stroll down the street and take peek into a potential-neighbour’s backyard.

If you are new to Google’s Street View, don’t fret, it will only take a moment to catchup. Google has amassed millions of images, taken at a street level, for 11 cities across Canada. These cites include, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Squamish, Whistler, Ottawa, Kitchener and Waterloo. With all of these images, Google’s Street View allows you to walk the streets of Calgary from the comfort of your personal computer in Halifax.

On the other side of this union, Zoocasa brings Canadian real estate listings, neighbourhood factors and school information together. We take all of that useful-home-buying stuff then make it easy to sort and fun to filter. With the Street View tab, located on Zoocasa listing detail pages (along the top of the map), home buyers are able to really view a listing and its surrounding’s from a 360 perspective.

Those millions of images were collected by Google cameras, mounted in slowly moving vehicles, months before they were released in Street View. As Saul Colt pointed out last night, these images do not create real-time representations of street views. With this in mind, some of my co-workers have noted that one could use Street View to peek into their own home and see what was really going on while they were at that conference in Chicago in June. Instead, Zoocasa has decided to utilize Street View to offer you a fun way to see more of a listing from your own home or office computer. Thankfully, the wise development team has worked hard to make Google’s Street View an important part of your home search and not your witch hunt.
Be sure to come search for a few listings on Zoocasa.com today and checkout this new dimension in at-home real estate search technology!


P.S. If you still want more info about Google Street View you might want to watch this cute stop-animation film. It explains the Street View production process with the use of a simple narrative about a single little robot who works tirelessly to collect, assembles and manipulate images: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5bALLcEygc

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