How to say I am Sorry – Simple yet Powerful Words for your Business

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by Kelley Skar

I am Sorry…

Three little words, three POWERFUL little words. How simple they are to write, how difficult they are to say.

Does it seem that people are becoming more selfish and more self-absorbed? Does it seem that we are forgetting how to treat each other?

I am not so sure…It feels like there is a shift taking place in peoples’ attitudes towards each other.

The power of Social Media is making not only friends and family more aware of each other and perhaps more connected but the power of interconnection is also forcing the larger brands to be more aware of their attitude towards the end user.

How I am Sorry can change an attitude and win back business 

I wrote about an experience I had a while back with WestJet, an airline company based out of Calgary. The gist of the post was how I used Facebook to bring awareness to an issue that my wife and I had with the airline. That post was about how the “brand” of WestJet was listening and fixed the problem within 24 hours. To read more CLICK HERE.

This post however is not about WestJet and how they fixed our relationship, this is about another Calgary based company…Shaw Cable.

Now I know it sounds like I am bit of a complainer, maybe a whiner, I don’t know….it just so happens that I like to write about my issues and how they get fixed!

Ok, so what happened? Big issues…in my eyes BIG Issues! Now was it the equivalent of a Tsunami? No, of course not!

We went through 4 cable boxes in as many days, we had a service tech that installed a faulty box and finally issues with our billing. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a lot but trust me…when we can’t play a recorded version of the Old School Spiderman…that can be a problem!

By the time we got to the issues with the billing, I was literally ready to pull the plug on Shaw Cable. I spoke to a representative, who then completey changed my attitude. Can you guess the first phrase that came out of her mouth? I.AM. SORRY. NOT..”WE are sorry”…NOT, “ahhh too bad, so sorry…”

It was, her, taking responsibility; it wasn’t her screw up but the way she saw it, it was the company screw up. That takes b*lls. Plain and Simple. To be able to come out and say one simple phrase, three little words, to actually Care and Want to help fix the problem, simply amazed me.

What should you expect out of the service industry?

If you are reading this you have probably figured out that I am a REALTOR®, I am in a service industry, I charge for my services and as a result, people expect to be treated with a high level of customer and client service.

Do I realize the POWER of those three little words, now more than ever? You better believe it. It is a small yet powerful lesson for anyone in the service industry.

The fact that one of my clients or one of Shaw’s or Westjet’s clients can now tell not just their friends but their friend’s friend’s friends about either stellar customer service experience or an absolutely horrible experience, should serve as a HUGE wake up call for all of us in the service industry.

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