How Long Has It Been?

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by michael krisa

The past few months have been a whirlwind of travel, speaking engagements and coaching real estate professionals across North America.

I even had the honor of speaking at The National Association Of Realtors annual event in California … like how COOL is that?

Well this morning I finally had a moment to catch my breath and enjoy a HOT coffee by the river … at least that was my plan.

As fate would have it Mother Nature had something different in store for me and dropped 5 inches of snow over night!

Undaunted, to the river I went, to shoot this video for you where I cover some of my discoveries that any Realtor® serious about the business needs to know.

Here are a few things that TOP Agents do:

  • They are continuously learning – attending live training events, trade shows, seminars, webinars etc.
  • They take what they learn and implement it.
  • They network, share and generate referrals by being around other top agents.

Not rocket science I know but honestly, when was the last time you did ALL three?

As always I welcome your feedback and please feel free to share this video.

All Good Wishes,

michael krisa aka That Interview Guy®

About the Contributor

Michael has always been fascinated by success, specifically as to why some real estate professionals are really successful and why others – working equally as hard – barely get by. This challenge motivated Michael to begin interviewing some of the top agents and thought leaders in the world to share their tactics and strategies to help others. The launch of the series enjoys major success and has been featured in almost every major online publication in the real estate industry.

Michael has managed a top producing office, worked as a freelance marketing consultant and functioned as a vice president of Business Development, is a syndicated columnist… and he plays the banjo! As an innovative entrepreneur himself, Michael’s interview series took on a new dimension as video interviews, which have exploded both on and offline … and he loves it! He is passionate about providing great content – especially if it will have a positive impact on the viewer.

Michael was nominated by Inman News Innovators Award in 2010 and was cited as the Inman News People Choice 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate. Michael is an internet marketing consultant and a syndicated videographer. He is an expert on how video can be used to attract, engage and “capture” a viewer into a raving fan. Michael’s website is and he can be reached via email – [email protected].

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