What’s involved in the review process to become a Preferred Agent?

The review process may include any of the following criteria:

  • Years of experience as a licenced real estate professional
  • Transaction volume, dollar volume and gross commission income
  • Geographical market place
  • Customer evaluation
  • Language(s) spoken
  • Referral(s) from an existing ZPA
  • Existing brokerage partnerships
  • Specific demographic requirements of our growing customer base

When you are accepted by Zoocasa, you will be asked to complete a detailed online form and submit a high-resolution headshot for your Zoocasa.com profile.

Attached to the application, you will find a Zoocasa Preferred Agent Agreement for your approval and signature. Your photo and the Zoocasa Preferred Agent Agreement can be attached to the online application form.

What if Zoocasa does not accept my application?

Zoocasa is very selective when choosing its ZPA partners. If you are not selected the first time around, you may continue to apply as many times as you wish. It could be that your first application was not accepted due to inaccuracies or incompleteness. Take the time up front to be as thorough and accurate as possible. You are also encouraged to apply several times throughout the year, as agents come and go, and needs for agents in certain areas change.

Can I become a Zoocasa Preferred Agent without applying to Zoocasa?

No. The application process must be completed in full, approved by Zoocasa staff and uploaded to Zoocasa.com.

Zoocasa is a registered brokerage. Who is the Broker of Record?

Darryl Mitchell is the Broker of Record for Ontario, Managing Broker for British Columbia and Broker for Alberta.

Does Zoocasa have licensed realtors to offer customer support?

Yes, Zoocasa has licensed real estate professionals available to speak with consumers about their real estate needs. These realtors are trained to address the many questions consumers may have about working with a Zoocasa Preferred Agent. The customer service teams has plays an important role in developing quality consumer referral leads and matching them with the right Zoocasa Preferred Agent. They are your greatest allies for ongoing success!

I have a question about Zoocasa. How can I get it answered?

Zoocasa staff will help answer any questions regarding the process, contract or what is expected once you become a ZPA.

How do I get referrals from Zoocasa?

Zoocasa Referrals may come to you in two ways:

  1. Many referrals come via consumers who want to directly connect with you after reading your online profile. All Zoocasa customers are asked to rate their experience, too. Top customer service ratings are a great way to stand apart from competing realtors.
  2. The second way referrals will come your way is directly from the Zoocasa customer service team. When consumers ask us to identify the perfect real estate agent to suit their needs, we make the agent-consumer connection.

What criteria are used to determine which agent will be given a specific referral?

Consumers have many direct requests that may impact the recommendation of the Zoocasa Preferred Agent. These requests may include:

  • The market of interest to the customer
  • Language or demographics
  • Property specialty
  • Agent availability
  • Method and timeliness of communication by an agent
  • Team verses individual agent
  • Brand or marketing preferences requested by the customer

At all times, Zoocasa customer service representatives respect the customer and their requests regarding agents.

What is the Consumer Rebate offered by Zoocasa?

As a thank you to our many consumers, Zoocasa sometimes offers a cash rebate to who have bought or sold property with Zoocasa Preferred Agents. The offer and manner of calculation are shown directly to consumers on Zoocasa.com.

Zoocasa calculates and pays this rebate—it will not an agent expense.

We feel it’s a great way to thank our customers for choosing a Zoocasa Preferred agent!

Still have questions? Email us or call toll free 1-866-620-1401 today.


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