Adding Value to Your Home

how to profit from a house flip

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Choosing to renovate than move

56% of Homeowners Are Choosing to Renovate Than Move: CIBC Report

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Renovate your home rather than move

Should You Renovate Your Home Rather Than Move?

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Kitech Plumbing

Why Buyers and Sellers Should Beware Kitec Plumbing

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New Toronto Parks

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Make your vacation home pay for itself

5 Tips: Make Your Vacation Home Pay For Itself

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Wallpaper is an easy way to freshen up your home

Wallpaper: How It Can Add an Instant Face Lift to Your Home

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Consider hidden costs when building a legal suite in Toronto

Building a Legal Suite in Toronto? Beware Hidden Fees

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Grassroots projects can help boost a neighbourhood's property values

How Grassroots Projects Can Increase Neighbourhood Property Value

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It can be a challenge to stage your home when you have small kids.

How to Stage Your Home When You Have Small Kids

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